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5 responses to “T-Mobile Launches Samsung Behold”

  1. Hermanator

    What no WiFi? Has to have WiFi before I would buy one…..

  2. kitseywho

    Wow it’s the Instink… i mean… Instinct. lol

  3. abcyesn

    A fully packed multimedia device, the Samsung Behold also offers a music and video player for users to enjoy entertainment anywhere, as well as built-in AGPS, which allows users to utilize location-based applications. With stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology, speakerphone and voice activated dialing, the Behold allows customers to go hands-free. There’s a website I found called looks pretty useful 🙂

  4. Drew Tucker

    The Samsung behold is the best thing that happended to me. It was what I wanted and more.

  5. Martha  vega

    well I don’t know if I’m to late on letting you know not to get one!
    Problems with it???
    1.) Not many applications… only like 4-5?
    2.) There is NOtext message Signature…
    3.)you can’t edit your screen saver, yeah your background but not the screen saver…
    4.) It seriously shuts off all the time… In the middle of your text, Music, on the web, and when your editting your pictures, Seriously worst buy I ever made!!!