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3 responses to “T-Mobile Officially Discontinues HotSpot @Home”

  1. Ron

    T-Mobile missed the mark on this one. I am a long time T-Mobile user and I went in to get the HotSpot @ Home, but there was no way they would let me have it without signing a 24 month contract. I would have paid for the equip and paid more per month, but they wouldn’t do it.

    Granted, I may not represent everyone, but I am one customer that wanted it and they lost me because they had to lock me into a contract. Oh well.

  2. milkbone98

    meh, all that was necessary is still alive I believe – UMA. H@H was just redundant with no added benefits IMO

  3. Christopher Price

    The UMA plan codes are part of Hotspot @Home and are no longer available for new customers. You can continue to use unlocked/unbranded UMA phones if you already have an @Home system… though it’s unlikely you’ll see any of those supporting T-Mobile 3G frequencies any time soon.

    Not even the Nokia N900 supports UMA.

    It’s possible T-Mobile will offer a reduced cost do-it-yourself UMA setup since the technology is already in-place, but because of handsets drying up that support it, I suspect UMA is just dead on arrival. Unlimited plans killed the UMA star.