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11 responses to “T-Mobile Raises Text Message Rate, ETF Out”

  1. JP

    I asked a friend who works for T-mobile and she said they are made aware of announcement such as these three months in advance and there they have heard nothing about a text message rate increase. ???

  2. PB

    Sorry JP, but it’s true. When I log into my T-Mobile account, I am presented with a link stating “Messaging rates will change on 8/29/2008”. Clicking on the link takes you to a page that states:

    [Starting August 29, 2008, messaging rates will increase to 20¢ per message. This change applies to messages you send or receive
    while you are in the US, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

    If you have a messaging bundle or a plan that includes messaging, the new rate will apply to domestic messages
    in excess of your monthly allotment.]

    The text above is immediately followed by a list of their messaging bundles and a link which, when clicked, takes you to a page allowing you to change your purchased services.

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  4. Dan

    Heck, this is enough. What is next? For me, it’s one of those Simply Everything Plans.

  5. JP

    Nice. Does this mean I can get out of my contract and keep my number?

  6. John Smith

    Everyone can cancel. T-Mobile will try to bully you into staying. If you have the time and energy, submit a “Demand for Arbitration” to the American Arbitration Association. This group is very helpful if you call them.

  7. JP

    I actually got out of my contract w/out a lot of hassle. T-Mobile has very good customer service. I still have the service and won’t switch until I find a phone/service I like better. If you ask out, be sure to ask to speak to an account specialist.

  8. chris

    I just talked with T-Mobile today about getting out of 2 ETF’s by claiming that they had made material changes to my contract and they held firm that, “since I had not experienced any text message overages in the previous 3 months” that I was on the hook for the ETF. Thye also said that the cut off date for terminating under this scenario was 8/9/2008. I would love to not pay them $400 so if anyone else has any suggestions, I am all ears…

  9. Brian

    I had the same experience as Chris. I am going to cancel my service anyway and then sue T-Mobile in small claims court. Their policy does not change contract law. Whether you have gone over or not is not relevant. They have already admitted that it is a material change because they have released people from their contracts. There is no usage clause in the contract so their claims are false. Also, you have until 15 days AFTER it takes affect.

  10. justin

    If you already have unlimited messaging..does it effect that?

  11. roberts976

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