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3 responses to “T-Mobile Rolling Out Samsung Behold II Android 1.6 Update”

  1. JoshL

    Actually, the T-Mobile G1 does not have Android 2.1. We are still on 1.6.

  2. Christopher Price

    Currently the G1 is stuck at Android 1.6, but the key there was “support” for Android 2.1.

    Google has said that Android 2.1 is the last version that the G1 could support. Indications are it will be updated to Android 2.1, but even if it doesn’t… Google made sure Android 2.1 could be installed unofficially on the G1.

    In other words, root your G1 and install 2.1 if you want it now, or wait and see what T-Mobile will do.

    Samsung users, on the other hand, do not have the support of other devices to pull firmware from, the Behold II is a unique device hardware-wise, which is why Samsung probably doesn’t want to invest the time or effort to port Android 2.0 (like they promised to).

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