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4 responses to “T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Hacked to Enable Voice calls”

  1. Steven Goldfein

    Is this for the GSM version only or will it work with the Sprint CDMA version as well?

  2. Carlos

    Can some explain the sense of taking this function out? Why not leave it for the consumer to see if worth using as phone or not, rather than make my mind up for me. Please some one with inside info on why this makes sense to the big 4?

  3. Marv

    Why did they disable the voice feature on the Samsung Galaxy??? 1. To make money. The cell companies make money on the cell plans and contracts, not the devices. So, if you have to have a cell phone plus a tablet/wireless internet, then you have to purchase TWO plans instead of one. Now, mutilpy that concept by 500,000 customers with this delima. That’s a million data plans times $30 – $60 per plan. Even, though most of these devices CAN communication with each other just fine.

    I like the Samsung Galaxy and went to purchase one from Verizon. They flat out REFUSED to sell me the device without a two-year contact. Even though I told they I DID NOT WANT another data plan, due to having one with my Droid X. So I am now held hostage to another data plan that I did not want OR NEED.

    Hope that gives you an idea and answer to your question.

  4. Damien

    Verizon did the same thing to me, so I went across the street to T-Mobile where they were more than happy to sell me one without a data plan. I don’t have to care about T-Mobile’s spotty coverage, since I only plan to use it over the Wi-Fi at my house and other areas. My phone has an unlimited data plan (I was grandfathered in before companies started switching to the ‘metered plans’ they now offer), so I don’t really need another “always on” device, espescially since my phone can act as a 5-point hotspot.