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4 responses to “T-Mobile Tethering Plan Details Confirmed”

  1. John

    Everyone File a complaint with the FCC! You fill out the first half then jump to number 5 on the 2nd half and state your paying for 5gb and your being charge twice. Copy and paste this LINK/message to all sites you visit we have to fight! The FCC will Look into it if you complain. This is a double charge!!!! You’re paying twice for the same 5gb DATA~!!!
    Pass it On its easy!!!

  2. Christopher Price

    I’m not sure the FCC can help. I think the FCC can’t help, actually.

    In Comcast v. BitTorrent, the FCC was ordered to stop any regulation over Internet protocols from a perspective of capping, blocking, or throttling.

    The FCC is trying to gain regulatory ability over the Internet, but Congress has no plans to take up such action currently.

    As such, the FCC would like to help, but the courts have blocked them from doing so. In any event, I don’t see it as illegal to bypass the charges and run your own on-device proxy. I don’t think it’s legal for T-Mobile to block such usage as it would be an antitrust situation for them to do so.

    In short, T-Mobile can ask you to pay for the service and support, but they can’t stop you from tunneling through and making your own tethering proxy solution.

  3. Sonnz

    I dislike this. I have the HTC HD2. I am a college student, double majoring. I pay my bill 3-5 month in advance. Although I am not on a contract, 14$/mon. will bring my bill to about 100$ This is pointless. With this T-mobile no longer is the better choice for me money wise, but I am stuck with it. I paid 500 dollars for the phone in august and I am not interested in loosing more money by dipping out. I am very disappointed in T-mobile for this. Tethering in general is something I need and it was a deal breaker for me when i purchased this phone/service. I just so happen to live on campus and have a crappy/unrealiable campus network. Now, thinking T-mobile would have my back, I am in somewhat of a bind. I would prefer to cancel my phone service and simply get their USB internet device, but before I know it they might change that too. Recommended T-mobile to many friends and classmates who took my word for it, now, I regret that. 😐

  4. Christopher Price

    Sonnz, we feel your hurt, don’t think for a minute that we find this acceptable when we say going to the FCC isn’t going to help.

    The good news is that if you stay with your current firmware version, tethering should still work. We believe this will start, much like it did on other carriers, to hit new phones with new firmware first.

    We’ll continue to track these issues and try to keep you up to date on when new firmwares may affect this. For now, the best advice you give is to make sure any firmware update doesn’t affect your (technically, grandfathered) tethering access.