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9 responses to “T-Mobile’s Prepaid Data Reinvention: A Clear Work In Progress”

  1. Getting prepaid data on T-Mobile | Prepaid Reviews

    […] lays out the options, and the picture becomes a bit clearer after reading their article. You can get data access on any 2G feature phone offered through their prepaid program for 99 cents per hour. That seems like a decent deal if you use it correctly. Unfortunately, T-Mobile does not support this plan for 3G postpay phones that customers are using in prepaid. That, of course, makes the plan much less valuable. […]

  2. Android_User

    Just give us something straight & reasonable like $0.10/MB or something competitive with AT&T’s GoPhone $20/100 MB ($0.20/MB) plan. Instead of these limitations and hourly rates, which is a joke. There’s a reason why no other carrier has hourly charges.

  3. Tired of PPC

    Data by a pack, by the meg or by the day is okay. Other carriers have used those systems with success. But BY THE HOUR?

    When Sidekicks get unlimited data for a buck a day, they have to charge TWENTY FOUR TIMES AS MUCH for other phones?

    Tmobile has great talk/text unlimited and messaging only plans. But for data, they SUCK. Plain and simple.

  4. Ed

    Aside from the comparison with the Sidekick data, the .99/hour really looks ridiculous when you look at T-Mobile’s UK site: 3 pay as you go data options: 2 (GB Pounds) (+/-$3USD) per day, $10/week and $21/month. (see Following that nearly everything is more expensive over there than in North America, .99/hour is a crime for T-Mobile USA to even be considering.

  5. Ed

    I should have looked even more closely before posting. The above pricing is for data cards. surfing the internet on a phone: (prices in UK pounds – multiply by 1.48 or so for USD): 1 pound per day, 2.50 for 5 days and 5 pounds for the month – all are unlimited. see: We are getting hosed at .99 and hour.

  6. Nokia Nuron 5230 on T-Mobile Receives Firmware Update |

    […] does not work properly on the prepaid version of the Nuron (currently exclusive to Costco). As previously reported, the prepaid Nuron cannot access services outside of Ovi, including SW […]

  7. al

    t-mobile better i can down or 250 MB in one hour on the pc better then at&t would cost me $60 to do that (are room were we stay prohibits us to get a real line the own wont let us use his)(were in calif ass old man) now we don’t don’t to go to a stupid coffee shop or damn library (everyone should have right to have acces at home no mater what) about time the us starting to offer us prepaid internet like evy other country has for a lonnnnnnnnnnngggggggg time we are so slowwwwwwwww 3rd world country have much better technoligy in the prepaid systtem or at least we should have the write to sign up with no id or ssn i think metro pcs still offerse server with no ID required so at lest there still contract plan out there

  8. Matt

    This makes me sick. I live in Italy and have tre as my service provider. For 5 Euro per month (about 7 or 8 bucks) I get 3GB of data. All United States service providers are evil when it comes to data plans