Telus First to Announce CDMA Touch Diamond, Verizon Too

Canadian carrier Telus was the first today to announce a CDMA version of HTC’s popular Touch Diamond.

The phone remains unchanged from previous reports. Pricing is expected to be between $449 and $549 when it launches in the United States at full retail.

More importantly, Telus set a launch date of later this summer. Telus generally launches HTC CDMA devices shortly before carriers in the United States, setting the stage for an early fall launch stateside.

In related news, Verizon roadmaps have confirmed that HTC will launch both the Touch Diamond as well as Touch Pro later this year.

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2 responses to “Telus First to Announce CDMA Touch Diamond, Verizon Too”

  1. ryan rydell

    I know that there will be only slight differences between them, but which do you think will be the faster and more fun version of this HTC line, the Pro or the Diamond? I like the slide out qwerty, but also like the look of the Diamond, and may be willing to sacrifice the keyboard for a cooler look, if its got more internal memory and speed…if the Pro will be just as fast processing, and have the 4gb to boot, i may just go with it…what is your opinion?