The Comeback – What it means for you

We’ve noted in a few comments as of late that there has been some crud and other civil actions that have slowed progress considerably. We’ll share the behind-the-scenes story someday. has had to reorganize, and for that, we have to apologize to you for having being willing to put up with it all.

But, we don’t quit, and we don’t back down. Ever. We promise to you a comeback like you haven’t seen before. Now, to stage a comeback in a recession like this, it means some tough choices. No glitzy rebrands and no hoardes of free phone giveaways to bleed cash with. That said, our call out for HTML5 touch designers out there still stands.

What it does mean, is quality content, more writers, new sections, new sites, and yes, a few giveaways to remind you that we care.

We’ve made good on our commitments during our CTIA coverage, pop-up ads are gone from, and a mobile version is being rolled out that will be continuously improved.

With a new section, and two new sites in the wings, we want to take a brief moment to thank you for sticking with us through thick, and thin.

Christopher Price is the Founding Editor of Today, he leads the team building Console, Inc. - a new kind of Android™ device. He still likes to pontificate... a lot. You can visit his personal blog at

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2 responses to “The Comeback – What it means for you”

  1. Lucky

    It sounds like you’re all working very hard to create “The Comeback” but I hope you aren’t biting off more than you can chew. Some of us are still waiting for you to come through on your previous committments. Don’t forget about your 2-week-old promise to create the Virgin Mobile Intercept VoIP guide.

    Higher quality content, more writers, more sites; All of these new improvements sound great! CTIA coverage was great and I’m even more excited for a mobile version of Phone News. But please don’t make promises that you can’t keep! Thank You!

  2. Christopher Price

    Actually the thing holding up the Virgin VoIP guide was a Sipdroid bug. Sipdroid bit off a bit more than they could chew and added video calling… which broke a lot on the Intercept.

    We’re testing their latest update. And, we’ve taken the time to expand the guide and cover Google’s Gizmo5 in it as well.