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5 responses to “The Reason More TouchPads Are Being Made: Supplier Component Overload and Contracts”

  1. Vi

    “get to see the 7-inch TouchPad Go after all,”

    If only it could happen!

  2. Patrick D.

    Does anyone know if the price will still be at the ultra low liquidation sale price.. (I missed out and want another crack at it)

  3. Jaz

    The price will stay at $99 and $150. Only way you can pay more is if a store still has them in stock and dont want to apply the fire sale price.

  4. Christopher Price

    This sale will be done direct by HP via their online store. I do not expect any TouchPad units to flow to retail at this point.

  5. Vi

    Yea, but this time with 20 bucks shipping!