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  6. ro

    Hi sirs/madams at AT & T,
    I love your variety but… I’m disabled and have to try the phones before buying them. This time, I’ll try slider phones, because the other ones (flip phones especially) where too weak at the hinges and I kept breaking them). I’m not that old (eventhough my eldest is 23) and not farsighted yet, so senior phones are funny. My problem is coordination and also speed. (ask my 11 yr old how long it takes me to text her back…) I’ve tried a Samsung one, but the keys had no response when touching them… had to look at the screen to see that the number had been added. Do not care about megapixels, music, internet access, but battery life, loudspeaker and sound clarity are very important, is there hope for my problem? My disorder is called Ataxia, I’m in my 40’s. Thanks

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