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15 responses to “Toshiba Backing Away from ICS for Thrive? Excite Tablets Leave Open Question (Update: Toshiba Re-commits)”

  1. ICS...This better not be the case

    […] ICS…This better not be the case Toshiba Backing Away from ICS for Thrive? Excite Tablets Leave Open Question | […]

  2. Rickster

    Amazing poor “journalism” here. Toshiba hasn’t backed away from their first statements made months ago so there can be no “re-commitment” Looks like a case of faux headlines to grab users attention to your web site. Shame!

  3. Timothy

    Wow, way to shoot the messenger, Rickster.

    It looks like they asked at CTIA if Thrive was still getting the update. As a Thrive owner, I too want to know, as they certainly haven’t published anything online confirming it.

    Then, getting no answer, wrote them up for it. is the ONLY place that seemed to get Toshiba to say at CES Thrive was getting the update. Toshiba has been silent sense.

    THANK YOU for staying with this story. Don’t listen to the naysayers!

  4. Rickster

    Well if I were Toshiba I probably would not want to talk to either. For example, the 3 new Excite’s WILL sport the quad-core Tegra 3 … only the LE version will have the omap processor. (which will probably end up on blow-out sales sites) Where does it say in the article above that the 7″ Excite will have an AMOLED display? And that the new Excites will have Gorilla Glass? Phonenews posted on May 8th information that was seriously out-of-date. FYI: Engadget posted the correct information a month previously on April 10th.

    The messengers got it all wrong by failing to do their job.

  5. Confirmed - Thrive will get ICS end of Spring!! - Page 17

    […] 0 times Toshiba Backing Away from ICS for Thrive? Excite Tablets Leave Open Question (Update: Toshiba Re-com… […]

  6. Timothy

    So, let me get this straight, is supposed to have to pull teeth to get answers on ICS, and you’re attacking them for Toshiba still not working with them?

    Sorry, it sounds like Toshiba is ticked that they got that commitment in an on-the-spot interview, and aren’t working with them. I seriously doubt wouldn’t carry the story if Toshiba would work with them on the level of Engadget.

    And considering I knew back in January I was getting ICS… thanks to, I’d much rather have working with Toshiba, than Engadget. Or both, but I’m sorry Rickster, I thank for what they are doing to stand up for Thrive owners.

    Engadget runs too much news for me to keep track… and I suspect that’s why they don’t get to the bottom of this kind of stuff.

  7. DM

    I almost threw my Toshiba Thrive across the room in anger when I read that headline…

  8. Roger

    After/when Google’s own Nexus-branded tablet finally debuts, anyone who foolishly continues to buy any other Android tablet from another manufacturer takes their chances in regards to it getting OS updates. Simple as.

  9. Rickster

    Pulling teeth is not required. Publishing accurate information is. At least a half dozen reports on the current configuration of the Excite tablets were extant before this article was posted. This article still has inaccuracies as of 5/12/12 Maybe the publishers here were miffed they were left out of the information loop and decided to strike back with a few well placed barbs.

    I still haven’t figured out why the publishers here are interested in publishing articles on tablets with no phones in them. đŸ˜‰

  10. Josh

    I own a thrive, and paid over 300 dollars for it, this was a mistake, I will not be buying anything that Google does not manage the updates for again, also I would be selling my Toshiba stock right about now, they obviously do not understand the new paradigm. Asus and Samsung will bury them if they refuse to put the resources into keeping their users in the latest software. I guess i will root my tablet so I don’t have to wait for Christmas for a year old OS that the thrive should have been ready for 2 months ago. If you are going to charge what apple wants for their hardware, than you had dam well better spend some engineering resources to keep the product up to date. Toshiba go back to competing with HP on laptops. I will by Samsung or Asus next time.

  11. Daryl

    If thrive doesn’t get ics I’m never buying anything Toshiba again! Thrive is OK but the software sucks.

  12. Ishmael

    Seems as if Toshiba is withholding support for the Thrive hoping that we’ll buy the Excite. There is no logical reason that ICS has been released. Other manufactures have managed to do it. Many of us bought a Thrive when it was new and expensive, now that they’re being dumped at fire sale prices, we’re being neglected.
    I’m in agreement with Daryl. If Toshiba doesn’t upgrade Thrive to ICS, not only will I never buy another Toshiba produce, I’ll be a thorn in their corporate asses!

  13. Thriveowner

    Toshiba website confirms “Thrive is Upgradeable to ICS 4.0”

    It’s just a matter of time before the ICS will be provided.
    DO NOT Panic….but, keep demanding it sooner from Toshiba.

  14. Jeff

    Any dual core (as well as some single cores) tablet is upgradeable to ICS, actually DOING it is the issue.

  15. Jeff

    Now they are saying just a fee more months now that Spring is over. It’s not coming at all. Face it.