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12 responses to “Toshiba Completes Investigation, Offers Mac Owners Canvio Drive Replacements”

  1. Toshiba Acknowledges MacBook Woes in Canvio USB 3.0 Hard Drives |

    […] As a follow-up, Toshiba has informed us that they have completed their investigation, and will replace affected drives.EmailPrintTwitterYou might also like…MacBook Air Revision Imminent, Penryn, More […]

  2. Paul

    Just called Toshiba’s customer service. They had no idea what I was talking about. Just for fun I played along and re-formatted the drive to ex-fat on my win-7 pc. After that didn’t work the tech support person (Not sure they deserve that title, maybe call-center operator) acted like he never heard of such an issue. He advised me ultimately to return my drive to the retailer I purchased it from.

  3. Christopher Price

    In our own testing of the RMA process, Toshiba did accept the drive, but could not replace it. All we wound up with was a store credit for… which is cold comfort to those that just want a working Mac drive, as advertised.

    We never did hear back from Toshiba on what folks should do if stores won’t accept the return for a refund. We don’t expect to hear back, either.

  4. JZ

    I live in Malaysia and my Canvio 3.0 can’t be recognized by macbook air. How can I ask for a replacement?
    Thank you by the way for the effort in proofing this problem to Toshiba. đŸ™‚ really appreciate it!!!!!

  5. Pedro Costa

    I had same problem with a Toshiba Canvio External 1TB drive, 2.5 USB 3.0. I SOLVED using a usb 2.0 extension of about 1ft.

    1. DJ Johnson

      Pedro, you rock! You saved me countless hours of BS. Toshiba was telling me they needed my original receipt (who keeps that on a 1.5 year old product)? Now I don’t have to ship it back or waste time.

      I used a 2 foot USB 2.0 extension cable, and the drive works perfectly. This beats lugging around a powered hub. Nice. While it won’t give me 3.0 speed, it’ll work.

      Thanks man.

    2. JUAN

      Pedro, Great!!!

      Your Solution work!!!!

      Thanks a lot

  6. gubea

    I just purchased a 1TB drive with date 08/12 on the back (if this is a date, it sits next to the DC+5V…1.0A) at radioshack (far too expensive) – to my surprise, I don’t need a split cable even with an ancient powerbook g4 1.25. so this is a safe manufacturing date for the new ones, it seems. great drive.

  7. gubea

    above is rubbish. only sporadic copying, no deleting, no creating a folder, no erasing etc. even though somehow managed to reformat it (both partition schemes tried), and it seems to work for a couple of minutes, then gives error codes -36 and -50, no erasing via disk utility, no unmounting etc.

  8. qosmio

    my 1tb toshiba 2.5 usb 3.0 external hd stopped working, i put in labtop and format , all ok now, but lost data

  9. Oscar Becerra

    Same problem I own two of these disks in Lima, Peru. the first one is one year old and the other just two days old. The newer one seemed to work fine for about one day and then disappeared from the desktop and cannot be repaired by the disk utility. I called the Peru call center to the number in the warranty booklet just to be told they don’t support external drives in spite of what the warranty says. After some arguing the operator agreed to find out where can I take my disk to find out what is happening. It actually makes a strange click sound and the light blinks but the unit does not appear in the desktop