Town Hall: Comment Race to Our Christmas Buying Guide

We apologize for pausing the news, but we have another one of our Town Hall posts.

We’ll keep this one simple. A lot of sites post Christmas Buying Guides. We don’t read them. We’re wondering if you do. More specifically, we’re wondering if you would take the time to read one we write up.

A lot of media companies pressure us to make these each year. Mostly we tell them what cliff they can jump off of. And, if we did write one, we wouldn’t stuff it full of things based on how much money we could make (yes, we know which sites in the mobile media do that…).

So, we’ll leave it to you. If we get a mere dozen comments asking us to write one, we’ll do it. Otherwise, we’ll continue our cliff-pointing campaign, using the appropriate dialing digits.

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14 responses to “Town Hall: Comment Race to Our Christmas Buying Guide”

  1. David

    I’d read it!

  2. Dan

    do it!!

  3. Jake

    Me 3. 😀

  4. Sonic Fan

    Go for it! Just make sure to include each carrier in your guide.

  5. Glenn

    yup yup
    *going to cut up all my mail since I didn’t win one of those shredders*

  6. Paul

    If YOU wrote one, I’d read it!!

  7. Marc

    I’m up for reading one!

  8. Brian

    I’d read it.

  9. paula

    can’t wait to see it

  10. Milkbone

    I’ll defiantly read it, I’m in the market for as few holiday presents to myself.

  11. Milkbone


  12. Deryk

    I’d read it.

  13. Daniel

    I’d read it, but I’d want it to focus on items that are good value for the money, and can be easily hacked/upgraded for better functionality.

  14. Dan

    looks like you got your 12 🙂