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24 responses to “Tracfone Quietly Cancels LG Optimus 2X Launch”

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    […] Bad news guys. Looks like straight talk screwed us. Apparently they cancelled the launch of the Optimus 2X. Tracfone Quietly Cancels LG Optimus 2X Launch | […]

  2. lg optimus 2x straight talk - Android Forums

    […] Bad news guys. Looks like straight talk screwed us. Apparently they cancelled the launch of the Optimus 2X. Tracfone Quietly Cancels LG Optimus 2X Launch | […]

  3. Joe

    Wow straight talk disappointing us again -.-

  4. Joe

    Wow straight talk disappointing us once again -.-

  5. Mike

    Disappointing? Not for me, I’ve been using an E71 sim in iPhone 4 for ~ 6 months, got 2 3 month UL cards for $140 total by reselling 2 bundled phones and my service is classified as at&t postpaid. $45/mo not disappointing to me at all.

  6. Chris

    Why would it be disappointing? Instead of a ST Android(which have had a lot of hardware issues previously) now we get to pick from the entire lineup of GSM Androids and iPhones past and present from AT&T, T-Mobile, which don’t have to be unlocked, and the international GSM phones, which do have to be unlocked. Sounds like they gave us a lot more choices. This will work for any GSM phone that you can change the APN on BTW. I got a Samsung Focus Flash (Windows7) working on it for a friend. I would only recommend the newest Windows 7 phones from Samsung at this point. They came out with a Wireless Manager that you can download and use to change the entire APN…for MMS as well. I am an Nokia E71 SIM swapper too. iPhone 3GS, Samsung Captivate, HTC Inspire 4G, and now a Samsung Infuse 4G…..those are the phones I’ve used with this for the past year and a half.

  7. Joe

    Yea your right, I’m gonna save up money to buy an iPhone 4 which will be a lot better of the phone I have

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  9. dj

    could this work with a samsung galaxy s 2?

  10. Spekto

    If your a tech person who knows how to switch chips and whatnot you probably don’t care. But if your a normal consumer who, like an idiot, waited two months after giving away his contact info to Smarttalk for a turnkey 4G amartphone, yeah it’s a big disappointment. If Tracphone/Smarttalk want to be considered more than a cheap ass ghetto phone company from Mexico, then they should start offering higher end 4G handsets. This loss of the 2X is a big mistake. What, they couldn’t get it to work? If I bring my own 4G handset and stick a SIM chip in it, it will run 4G off ATT or T-Mo on Straighttalk? The straight talk phone operators couldnt seem to confirm whether it’s correct or not. What they did make very clear was that if the chip doesnt work in your phone, they will NOT refund the money paid for the chip or the 1 month of service you must also pay for the minutes card you need to check if the chip will work in your phone…. Class action anyone?

  11. SoOrCat

    Spekto – In response to your 4G question: I purchased a used ATT Atrix 2 on e-Bay, then the SIM card from ST. According to the status bar, yes…I am getting 4G coverage. If the phone is capable of receiving 4G, and you’re in an area that has 4G, I believe you receive 4G – at least in the case of an ATT phone. I might also add that I’m not that much of a tech person, but – with a little on-line research on the “how to change your APN” (not very tricky at all) – the process was pretty quick & painless.

  12. Spekto

    OK I live in a city served by both T-Mobile and ATT and we have LTE here. I just ordered the chip from Straight Talk to use in my old WinMo TP2. This should work on ATT for 3G. But if I now go buy an unlocked 4G handset and use the Straight Talk SIM chip, and change the APN etc, will that new handset then run on ATT or T-Mobile’s 4G system (specifically LTE for ATT and HSPA+ for TMo.)? So if I buy an unlocked 4G LTE phone and use the Straight Talk SIM chip will it get ATT’s 4G LTE or conversely will a new HSPA+ handset use TMo’s ‘4G’ system? Does each GSM carrier (ATT or TMo) use a different SIM chip from Straight Talk? Basically is it the phone that matters, or the chip, or both? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  13. Spekto

    Why not? Isn’t Straight Talk buying the phone + data service for us? We’re not hacking into the system after all, we are paying for it. So if you have an LTE phone why would you not be entitled to use LTE 4G under Straight Talk’s deal with ATT. Or the same for HSPA+ 4G from TMo?

  14. Spekto

    So, again, let’s be perfectly clear here about the 4G issue — do you, does anyone, have hard proof on whether or not ATT will allow access to its 4G LTE system via Straight Talk’s BYO SIM chip program or do they ONLY allow their slower HSPA “4G” access. Likewise does TMo allow HSPA+ access if you use a TMo SIM chip with a compatible phone like the Optimus 2X? Or are you just simply assuming ATT’s LTE will not work on Straight Talk?

    ST has really F’d things up if its potential customers have to play guessing games like this over what their services offer, or do not.

  15. Spekto

    Thank you the explanation – very well stated.Disappointing that LTE is not available this way, but compared to 3g HSPA is still a step up. And the part about the 2Gb limit I was also ignorant of. The marketing is very deceptive – I always thought it was unlimited.

  16. Spekto

    Humberto — one big question I would have then is given the choice between the two carriers in my city, if we cant access LTE under Straight Talk, would it be better to buy a “4G” HSPA+ phone running on ATT’s system via a Smart Talk SIM, or one running HSPA+ on TMo? Does ATT’s HSPA+ work better/faster than TMo’s or vice versa?

  17. Spekto

    Thanks Humberto — I spent pretty much the entire day yesterday trying to get my U.S. Cellular CDMA/GSM Touch Pro 2 to work with the new BYO SIM from Straight Talk. After hours with Straight Talk’s tech people (clueless) and HTC’s tech people (slightly less clueless) I spent several Euros downloading unock software and new ROMS, and ‘radios’ for the device. So now the TP2 does log on to AT&T under GSM and can make calls, however, it only displays EDGE internet access, but in reality the net is not functional. Sooooooo today I will have to get on the phone with HTC and see if they can fix this web problem. Because this phone uses Windows Mobile 6.5, the instructions from Straight Talk re changing settings may not work. Also some people on the net have stated that the TP 2 can get 3G in Europe, but not in the US because of the antennas and frequencies used. If it can’t get 3G I’ll have to sell the phone on E-bay and buy a new 4G/3G compatible phone. Ughhhhhhh! What a first class mess. I soooooooo wanted that Optimus 2X — because I feared just this kind of situation.

  18. Zac

    They still have one advertizement up on their website…