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28 responses to “Tracfone Removes AT&T SIM Cards from BYOD Offering”

  1. walter hooks

    can you find out the contract length/details between tracfone and at&t?

  2. Christopher Price


    The exact terms are typically highly confidential. We are working on getting further confirmation on what exactly is going on.

    In the past, TracFone’s agreements have permitted maintenance of existing customers on their Tier 1 provider networks. In other words, if past experience is an indicator, existing AT&T BYOD customers may be grandfathered into access on AT&T.

    It is possible, however, that TracFone may have engineered BYOD this time around to support SIM reprovisioning. In other words, TracFone may have the NOC level capacity to switch AT&T-based TracFone customers over to T-Mobile transparently. We don’t know how deep the break is going, or if it’s even an official breakup. For all we know, TracFone may simply be updating their SIMs for LTE.

    That said, it does look like a breakup, so if you see an AT&T BYOD SIM at Walmart for Straight Talk, it might not be a bad idea to grab it and activate it before a (potential) stop sale order comes down.

  3. Francis

    However will AT&T prop up their new subscriber’s column every quarter?!
    Does AT&T still have shares in AMX?

  4. esb

    AT&T owns approximately 10% of America Movil directly and substantially more through convertible debt.

    America Movil uses its minority owner’s (AT&T’s) technical/engineering facilities for its USA operations.

    Any change in AT&T’s position would almost certainly be in the direction of increased ownership/involvement rather than less.

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  6. Joshua McDaniel

    Any more news about Tracfone/at&t? I have 2 friends on Straight Talk with at&t compatible sim’s.

  7. Garth

    I am one of those Straight Talk BYOD customers using the iPhone 4s since Sept 2012. I’m very concerned and anxious over this separation between AT&T and Straight Talk. I knew it was too good to be true considering I pay every 90-days for my service, which averages to $42.25/month for unlimited access to AT&T’s network when actual AT&T subscribers were paying 60% more for same service. As suggested by Christopher Price, I’m hoping I’m grandfathered into AT&T access. Any latest developments?

  8. Jon

    This panic is without merit. If you are presently on NT or ST, with AT&T, stop worrying, PERIOD.
    Trust me on this…

    1. TrustNoOne

      I’ve had a Tracfone for YEARS. About a year ago, I upgraded to a touch screen Tracfone. At first, there were some problems. Tracfone sent me a new SIM card and voila it started working fine. After about 6 months, started having problems. I would get a text, but when I tried to respond (even though I would have 4 bars) I got the message “Network not Available”. This has been going on for months now…been on the phone with them more times than I want to admit to no avail. Some places work fine; others (usually at home) don’t work at all.

  9. Garth

    Why would we want to trust you on this, Jon?

  10. margaret rickards

    I had a nexus 4 8G + ST att sim worked fine liked the phone so much i sent it back to get 16 gig
    kept sim. New phone comes and I try reactivate sim will not. call ST many times and the final answer is you can not use the same sim twice and they will send me a new card free. ok i buy that. but all i see is tmoblie can’t use that here. went to no micro available so i got a big one to cut In the mean time I find one (micro) on ebay snap that up too. So what remains to be seen here is will the att sims i got; 1 one ebay the micro (and those people are making a killing now) and or the big one i will have to cut work and activate? Anyone know if they HAVE to honor them? I sadly am thinking not because now it sounds to me like the reason I could not activate the one I have is they are no longer accepting them and sending out new ones that do not service my area.
    If this is true I will have a $400 phone I can’t use.

  11. margaret rickards

    I just had (this very minute) this conspiracy not conspiracy but business strategy thought bear with me. ST is owned by Walmart walmart made a deal with verizon to release iPhone 4, 4s, 5 locked cdma phones but you have you have to pay $400 – $650 to buy the phone from Walmart. If walmart continued to sell ATT sims for any unlocked gms phone the smart customer would buy a cheaper unlocked phone and put in the $15 card for exactly same service so walmart looses the sale of this phenomenally priced phone. Continuing to sell these cards puts them in direct competition with themselves.
    They are now priced at EBAY $50.

  12. Bb

    As previously stated by others above, AT&T service will continue to be offered and if you are a current customer you may continue to use it only difference is you now have a 1.5 cap. Additionally, if someone needs an AT&T Sim card for the unlimited plan, just send me a direct email. In closing, the only difference is now it is Limited to 1.5 gig. The T mobile Sims will continue to be at unlimited data.

  13. Garth

    Bb you do not know what you’re talking about. Anyway, who are you? Your information is false. There isn’t any truth to your lame statement.

  14. Steve Holsten

    I hope things stay the same. We just bought & activated 3 six month ST service use on our AT&T compatible sim cards.

  15. Bb

    Steve as long as you stay current and don’t go into lapse, you will remain a AT&T ST customer at worst data cap at 1.5g. If you like unlimited you can receive a free replacement tmobile SIM card , …

  16. Steve

    Thanks Bb. That’s comforting to know. My Galaxy Note 2 will only do Edge. We don’t have many T-Mobile towers around here SE Missouri.

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  18. Margaret

    I think Apple had a hand in this too. the deal with walmart and verizon is a desperation move to dump the iPhones no one wants anymore. Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave at the poor management going on there. Stock is down 10% Google up 10%. This sim card business is a blow to google’s unlocked nexus 4 phone business in USA. ST is the only no contract sim/phone company out there there a more in USA.
    I just received my new micro sim att card activates just fine got another one just in case. Like Steve I have no t-mobile here in central PA.
    I also received the “replacement card” from ST with it came a page that had net 10 logo does not say carrier and does not have the APN addresses. It says you have to call to set up.
    Bb I would very much like to know where you got the 1.5. gig information. No one I spoke to had that throttle back information if we buy ST unlimited card it is the same unlimited 2-3 gig we always had.

  19. fabian

  20. Garth

    I read the Important Notice at and I think it only applies to Net 10 customers.
    I’m only concerned with Straight Talk’s TOS because I’m a ST customer.

  21. Mike

    do you have an att sim card for straight talk?

  22. margaret

    The only place left to get att micro sim card for straight talk is ebay. they are now pretty expensive anywhere from 40 to over 100 dollars now. If you can find one just bite the bullet and get one or 2 if you don’t want to have a contract. The money saved in few months will pay for them, I have a beautiful brand new Nexus 4 and would have to give up my phone because i can not get tmoblie here.
    Straight talk website will offer you tmobile no matter what zip you put in.
    Now as for walmart and straight talk shame on you letting the apple monster invade. If you get an iPhone from walmart you virtually are on a contract for 2 years. if you use the credit option to buy the extremely expensive phone.

  23. Steve

    Nobody know how long AT&T sims will still activate. I’m going to venture out & say anyone who wants to be on ST through AT&T probably needs to do it soon.

  24. Raffaello

    The worst part of this phone fiasco is that AT&T has started charging me $30 a month for data on my old phone that has been on the network for years with no data plan. They now claim this old Nokia 9300 originally sold to me by Cingular is a smartphone.

    A guess is that they are under profit pressure since they lost $6 billion trying to merge with T-Mobile. Now they are trying to squeeze customers. The wireless phone companies are an oligarchy. It was a mistake to let Cingular buy the old AT&T. The only decent service in my area comes from the old AT&T towers.

  25. margaret

    I would think that they would have to activate any cards still out there no matter when even a year from now since they were sold in good faith by walmart. Also they have the att APN settings so how could they stop?
    If they do as I said will sell my Nexus 4 (greatest phone since sliced bread compared to anything I have used including and especially the iPhone) and stay with straight talk and hope they will have decent samsung CDMA phones cause I only get verizon or ATT. However it seems they are disappearing also.

  26. doug

    help with sim card (att st) for ip5, I am a tech dummy,
    BP post says to email directly. How Do I Do That?

  27. Scott

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