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3 responses to “Tracfone Shutting Down Ohio Page Plus Customer Service Call Center Next January”

  1. Arnold Semmons

    I never thought they would leave the call center in the USA forever. TracFone just doesn’t do things that way. As far as leaving Page Plus over this… where are you going to go? If you want to have inexpensive prepaid service with Verizon coverage, what is the alternative? I almost never have to call Page Plus customer service, and I hope I never do. But unless some other MVNO offers Verizon coverage at a low cost, I have to stay with Page Plus.

  2. TonyT

    If you don’t need data, Ting. Ting is a Sprint MVNO, but they do provide voice roaming on Verizon (No data roaming, though) and their service is excellent.

    I should add that the one time I had to use Tracphone’s customer service (for a NET10 phone), it was good.

  3. Lucious Frierson

    As a dealer for Pageplus, this news has really hit us hard. We offer the other Tracfone products and the offshore customer service is the worst in the world. I am so disappointed at the jobs lost and the terror in support that the future holds.