Treo 800w Release Date and Further Details Surface

Windows Mobile enthusiast site WMExperts has revealed new details and confirmed others regarding the upcoming Palm Treo 800w for Sprint.

The release date for the device has been tentatively set for July 22nd which corroborates the information on the prior leaked roadmap as well as now featuring a built-in GPS transceiver, larger keyboard with internal lighting, threaded SMS functionality, and will launch in a color known as Charcoal Black.

Windows Mobile 6.1 has been confirmed as well as EVDO Rev. A access, though there will be no QChat access built into the device, and it will lack a hardware switch for the WiFi radio.

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5 responses to “Treo 800w Release Date and Further Details Surface”

  1. JSS

    OMG… i just wanted to buy the mogul this weekend.. but with HTC’s raphael at the corner this is getting bad…

    now i’m considering to buy treo 800w if it goes out in the stores first (i can’t wait so longer fo a raphael)

  2. Don Louie

    Think they should have taken a note from att and made it ptt capable, hope they do it before att gets one. What’s funny is you hear no news of smartphones with ptt

  3. Mark

    It looks like an over grown centro

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  5. los2003

    it needs qchat also