5 responses to “Unannounced Motorola V950 Headed To Sprint”

  1. George

    Looks like a nice phone. Hopefully it comes out soon

  2. Fahad Khan

    I know. It seems like a mix of the Razr and one of the lower end models.

  3. Aramynsavoi

    Well being that I work for Sprint Nextel… they are really stepping their game up… the phones coming out are what people want and never could conceive…. The services offered will be exclusive and no other carrier will be able to rival especially when WiMax & XOHM come out….

  4. Prem B Gupta

    it is very gud phone having good quality of camera with many picture control options and latest DC Service

  5. MS Shafer

    This phone is not as good as it looks and sounds. We have had them for two days and the Direct Connect still doesn’t work. They continue to drop calls and the settings are riduculous and not user friendly. I do NOT reccommend this phone!