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4 responses to “Updates to Atrix 4G and Inspire 4G to Enable Full Uploads Confirmed”

  1. JJ

    Who cares! I wouldn’t touch att with a 10 foot pole. Only way I would get att is if they offered me free service for a life time.

  2. Bobby Mikels

    It is very disappointing that AT&T has not yet activated the HSUPA radios on Atrix and Inspire. The fact that this feature is one of the primary reasons why consumers decided to buy these devices makes their purchase useless and with no difference compared to the previous smartphones. AT&T should’ve activated the HSUPA by the time buyers had bought it, fresh out of the box. Motorola and HTC should have done something because they are also greatly affected by this incident. People will start to lose their trust to these two Telecommunications Companies after what happened.

  3. F1

    Isn’t it ironic, that the Company with the worst service, has the best phone selection? What happened to pre-merger (CINGULAR) AT&T? The same will happen to T-Mobile! Regarding the update, according to Engadget, ” -if you ‘ ve rooted your Atrix , you’ ll have to pay a dear price to benefit from these upgrades as users over at xda- developers , who ‘ ve obtained the pre – release build, report the new 4 . 1 .57 update disables their previous superuser privileges.” Sadly, the future for AT&T consumers looks bleaker, everyday. Thank You

  4. John P.

    Even though it was wrong what AT&T did, I have never had a problem with their phones or service to this point. Anyone who doesn’t like AT&T’s service has the option to go to another carrier. I had a serious problem with another carrier in the past, who will remain nameless, but you don’t see me bad mouthing that carrier. All I did was switch carriers and be done with it. And I had more than enough reason to talk trash on this carrier, for what they did to me. I love AT&T’s service, customer service, and phone selections. They have always helped me on billing questions/problems and never made me feel like it was my fault. I’m glad that consumers have made AT&T admit it mistake and correct the problem as they should, and can’t wait for my software upgrade this month so that I can have the 4g upload speeds I was promised. I have the HTC Inspire 4g and absolutely love the phone, except for the battery. But, I plan on buying an extended battery to solve that problem. And unlike some other phones, the extended battery for the Inspire 4g is the same size as the stock battery, so as to not have any added bulkiness. I used to have an iphone 3gs and liked it very much, until I got this phone. The HTC “Market” has way more free apps than Apples “App Store” and almost all the apps you can find on the android market are the exact ones that are on the apple app store. So, in a nutshell, I think AT&T was definitely wrong for what they did but doesn’t make it a deal breaker for me cause they are fixing the problem.