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One response to “US Cellular and Alltel Announce U Prepaid Agreement with Walmart Distribution”

  1. Rodge Malone

    Another bunch of new cellphone options on the shelves of Walmart!? Right next to Walmart’s own options, as well as floorprice setters Tracfone, and their Straight talk brand. Judging by the phones they’re offering first up their target market will be middle of the range kids liking texting, and the occasional dude wanting a cheap smart phone, with the data plan that goes with that….sorry, I just don’t see it happening. Not in a market that’s already so flooded with high-end options. Why not instead try appeal to a market that’s largely been overlooked by most – the senior market. There’s only Tracfone’s SVC brand that has a designated senior friendly phone, along with cheap, small prepaid bundles – plans that appeal to people who only occasionally need to talk, or text. Yes, the margins can’t be attractive (not like the margins you get from bandwidth hogs, but I don’t see any companies afforded the luxury of walking past dimes…in fact this is a current trend highlighted maybe by iCon Apple reintroducing that iPhone 3 again.