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38 responses to “US Cellular Launches LG Tritan”

  1. Ben27812

    Picked one up today. I really like it so far it seems like LG has got there mess together. I like the HTC touch phones, I purchased the Touch Pro when it came out and side by side by far I like the LG. The on-screen keyboard is more finger friendly than a htc touch phone

  2. Isaac Mitchell

    so does this mean US Cellular is actually selling the Tritan to customers now? or do i still need to wait to get this phone, becuase i have been waiting for a while.

  3. tia

    this is the awesomest phone so buy it

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  5. Matt Alexander

    can you download music from on the phone?

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  7. kmstr

    Has anyone had issues with this phone and the text message alert not working correctly? I selected a default ringer for my incoming text messages and it will not work when I receive one?

  8. Isaac Mitchell

    To “kmstr” Yeah when i got my phone i downloaded some ringtones from my computer using the bluetooth and it said that the file was corrupt or something. So i started using websites and those worked fine as ringtones for me. 2 and a half days after i got my phone though it broke, the screen broke and i didnt abuse it, no drops, scuffs, scratches… nothing. I took my phone back and a month later they said the screen cracked on the inside so they will give me a new phone.

  9. kmstr

    To “Isaac Mitchell” Thanks for the help! What websites do you use for downloading ringtones? I’ve heard of ones out there but have never tried any or found any?

  10. Isaac Mitchell

    To “mkstr” I just got my phone back today, and it works now thankfully. the website i use is > You need to set up an account on it but its free. all it is is your phone number and a password and that’s it. It works great!

  11. isaiah perry

    to “isaac mitchell” ive download ringtones from myxer and ive set it as my txt messages but ii always get the us cellular beep when i get it and ive checked my volume its on the highest it can be can you plz tell me how to get my ringtone to play

  12. Isaac Mitchell

    to “isaiah perry” Do the myxer ringtones work on anything else? like calls or picture messages? I’m not exactly an expert on this phone, haha i bought it because i liked it..that’s it. If nothing seems to work you should probably just go back to the store and ask them if something is wrong with it. That’s the best i can do for you, sorry i didn’t solve your problem.

  13. Kathi

    I bought two of these phones for my daughters, the first two already have been replaced for the following issues:
    Power cycling
    shutting itself off
    pointer goes crazy and just starts moving all over the place (while laying on a table)
    random scrolling when no one is touching the phone.

    Of the replacement pair, one of those is going back tomorrow for:
    Shutting itself off

  14. Kathi

    As for Myxer, I use it all the time, and I love it. I use the tones for anything I would use the standard ones that come on the phone would be used for. Great site, actually the US cellular rep recommended it to me.

  15. TerEsa

    I’m getn the tritan this week can eney 1 tell me if I can set dif ringtones 4 ppl wen they text or its 1 default ringer??

  16. TerEsa

    I’m getn the tritan this week can eney 1 tell me if I can set dif ringtones 4 ppl wen they text or its 1 default ringer??& if its like a g1 do I get sum cool free apps 2 do stuff wit like picsy

  17. chris

    go to your contact list and set person your ringtone or message tone to what u want thats the only way i found out to set it up to where i don’t have to hear the default tone

  18. TerEsa

    Ok thanks a lot. Does it come with a app 4 free ringtones like g1?

  19. Travis Beeman

    I have had the same problem. I set a default ring tone for my messages and it only rings sometimes and the other times it does the US Cell Beep. Does anyone know how to correct this problem?

  20. karena

    Ive had this phone for almost a month, & its got so many problems. its a wonderful phone and the problems are ignorable but they get annoying sometimes. such as, when you go through your inbox, the phone will turn off and then on by itself. you cant have anyother ringtone besides the default. & then i just started facing ths problem 2 days ago, when i switch to landscape mode on while in the middle of writing a text, it goes to the landscape mode home screen. this is the 2nd one ive gotten so far. & for the default ringtone thing. if you want to have your own ringtones you have to give each contact the ringtone, you have to go through all the contacts and give them one as a contact ID.

  21. whoo rah

    okay so i have the tritan phone….. im tring to figure out how to download ringtones from my computer to my phone, and i cant figure it out!!! how do i do it???

  22. TCulb

    i’ve had this phone for about a month now, and havnt had any problems what so ever. I have hundreds of contacts in my phone and as for special rings for certain people i just go to the contact itself and set new ringer. i’ve never had any problem with the screen flipping to landscape and going to the main screen. nor have i had peoblems with it turning off and on. My last phone…. boy wasnt that a nightmare, thankfully they discontinued the lg rumor. I’m still shocked that the touch screen works as well as it does when using the onscreen keyboard.

  23. TCulb

    to whoo rah:

    when i’m transferring music, i open the music folder on my computer and the folder inside the phone memory card labeled my_music and just drag and drop. i’ve never had a problem with corrupted files.

  24. rhazor

    I have had the tritan for about a month now, and it works great, I hope this answers a few of ur questions,you should be able to transfer music to the phone just like the post above mine, drag and drop without a problem,as far a a ring tones from myxer, when you receive the message, click on the box in the top right corner with the 4 horizontal lines on it and select save media, the from that list select audio, and the same process for saving pictures to the phone, now as far as the text message alerts, you can only use the ones that came on the phone itself for message alerts (defaults), unless you set each contact message tones separately (which i found a pain ) if you have added ring tones to the phone and want to get to the default ring tones you can do this by going to your ringtones and clicking on ringtones, the phone will switch to the default list, you can set any of these as a default, the phone does this because the message tone for text and voicemail and linked, so be aware that if you set one in a contact it’s going to play that tone for text and voicemail from that contact, however you can set any ringtone on your phone for picture messages it will play those, from what i hear LG is working to resolve this issue and I will post here when they do. good luck and I hope this helps

  25. r.harper

    i have the lg tritan and my phone will not charge. i turnded my phone off and put it on the charger and all did was take juice from my battery and i had it on the charger all nite last night and it didnt charge at all>>>ughh is anyone else having this problem???

  26. r.harper

    have the lg tritan and my phone will not charge. i turnded my phone off and put it on the charger and all did was take juice from my battery and i had it on the charger all nite last night and it didnt charge at all>>>ughh is anyone else having this problem???

  27. TCulb

    I had that problem the first night i had the phone… All i did, which seemed to work, was take the battery out for 5 minutes and then put it back in. Let the phone charge completely before turning it on. That seemed to fix it for me. Let me know if it works.

  28. amberj828

    okay i have a tritan but from alltel but myxer wont let me download no ringtones from der everytime it send it 2 my phone i have 2 go to the horizontal right hand corner and scroll to go to website and it take me there..i go to download it and it goes 2 a play page where all i can do is play the sound not download to my phone can anybody help me

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  30. jaybaby

    instead of try to sen the myxer ringtones to your phon download it to the computer sync it and save it on the phone

  31. Deanna

    My husband and I have both had a Tritan for about 3 months now. Once in awhile when I would close my slider, my phone would power off and I wouldn’t even notice it until I wondered why I wasnt getting any text messages.. Then all of the sudden, my screen just went blank. I was texting on it just fine, then got a phone call and the screen went blank. Nothing I did got it to come back on. I was mailed a new one and I swear to god, the day after I got my new one, my husband’s Tritan started screwing up. It turns itself off all the time, after he sends a text message, sometimes in the middle of a call.. constantly!.. So now he is getting a new one. .. And they said next time WE will have to pay for it! Why should we have to pay for crappy made phones!? It’s not our fault that their phones only last a few months!!! Isn’t it weird how both phones started to mess up at around the same time?? Also, the battery life sucks, I’m always having to charge it. and If you have it through Alltel you will not be able to download your own ringtones. They have it blocked.. they SAY it’s to keep viruses out, but I’m not stupid! They just want to charge $3.99 for one ring tone! Ugh! Alltel are just wanting to bleed our wallets dry!

  32. Hailey

    Okay I am getting the LG tritan for Christmas and it looks like a cool phone but everyone is making it sound like CRAP!!!! Is it really filled with all these problems or is it just the people?? I would like to know before I buy one CRPY phone!!!!????!!!!

  33. Deanna

    Well, I dont know how people could make a phone crap?? I take care of my phones and out of nowhere the screen just turned black! Within a few months, my husband and I have both had to replace our Tritans for something that was not our fault!

  34. james

    well me and my wife both have 1 at frist i was a lil iffy on the phones now ilove mine … it is a cool phone i am really finding out how to use it to MY advantage now lol she still dont use the internet on hers …any 1 have any qestions email me back

  35. Justyn

    So I have had this phone for about 6 months and haven’t really had any problems with it except every once in a while it would shut off when I would close the key pad. Now I have to send it in to get it fixed because the main screen where like you have a background,it doesn’t even work like when I touch it. For some reason if I leave the key pad open it will eventually bring up the menu and I can do whatever or If I get a text message it will work. But once I ex out of the menu It wont work. WTF?

  36. KBoo

    So i have had the Tritan for a great amount of time now, and it just started having problems. My screen is almost like static and i have no clue why. I cant see anything or use my screen, basically i will have to get a new phone. Anyone know any advice on how to fix it before i go get a new phone?

  37. Rizz

    I just got a Tritan and I love it, but I don’t understand how to download ringtones from the internet to my phone (like by using Myxer). I will get the text messages, and go to the URL given, but all I see is a blank white screen and a small icon that plays the song… I can’t find anything that says save media or download or anything. I’ve also tried putting ringtones on an SD card under my-audio and my-music, and the phone puts it in My Stuff->Music and I can’t make it a ringtone. I have service with Alltel and I would love any advice! Thanks! 🙂

  38. Samantha

    OK i have the LG Tritan and i can’t get it to use one of my ringtones as a default what do i do?