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2 responses to “US Cellular Unveils New Prepaid Smartphone Plans”

  1. Jeremy

    US Cellulars plan is $59.99 a month and only offers 450 voice minutes? With Straight Talk I pay $15 less and get unlimited texts, calls, web and 411. Oh and yes, Straight Talk has smartphones. Remind me again why this is a good deal US Cellulars? Get informed and shop around before settling on a phone, there’s plenty of companies looking to make buck from the uneducated consumers.

  2. JJ

    What smartphones does straight talk have? Maybe I’m missing something but last time I checked the closest phone they had to a smartphone was the NOKIA E71. Most people in the states only use phones with android, apple ios or the new windows7. Straight talk doesn’t offer any of these. Dont get me wrong, straight talk has great deals but for someone who wants a high end smartphone this doesnt work. Before choosing straight talk for a smartphone you have better choices like virgin mobile, metro pcs or even tmobile with there special temporary 59.99 plan.