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3 responses to “UTStarcom Releases Windows Mobile 6.1 Update for XV6800”

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    […] update also adds VZ Navigator, expected from the earlier release for the XV6800. And, like the XV6800, Verizon will lock down the GPS to only work with VZ Navigator. Despite Verizon’s earlier […]

  2. Kris

    What can we do to get Verizon to unlock the GPS on our phones? We paided the money for the device why can’t we use it? What is the best way to contact Verizon? This is almost about to make me switch to another provider. Anyone see what they did the the new Touch???? They crippled the phone. What is the point????

  3. We Did It: Verizon to Unlock GPS on Windows Mobile |

    […] the release of the XV6800’s first firmware update, Verizon has been locking down the GPS on their phones. Initially, Verizon said that this was […]