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2 responses to “uZard Flash-Enabled Mobile Browser Beta for Windows Mobile and BlackBerry”

  1. supersonic64126

    uZard rocks! I just tried it on my Sprint HTC TP2 running WM 6.5, and it’s blazing fast, WAY faster than Skyfire. Best of all, it works with Hulu (for now), opens YouTube videos in a seperate video player full-screen, AND it works FLAWLESSLY with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and it has tabs, none of which worked on Skyfire! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, this browser has already completely changed my mobile browsing experience, and I just downloaded it a few hours ago!

  2. JJ

    This browser is awesome. It does work better than skyfire. It loads faster and you can scroll better without loosing the picture and waiting it to load. It needs some improvements like some more buttons for certain features I can’t think right now but of course this is just a beta version. Can’t wait for this browser to get better. Hopefully they bring it to android when switch from tp2 to evo or hero.