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9 responses to “Verizon Adds Catch to iPhone on MVNOs”

  1. carpediemnow

    Until Pageplus themselves puts out a notice that this is true I would not want to spend $600 on an iPhone just to find out it can’t be activated what so ever because this blog echoed a rumor that this was the case.

    Where’s Page Plus’ official position on this? They went out of their way to email all the dealers when Verizon first got the iPhone to say it was banned so why would anyone think they wouldn’t do the same if the ban was lifted??

  2. Christopher Price

    Carpediemnow, as we said in the preceding article’s comments, Page Plus in general does not comment on non-PP devices. It is an under-the-table offering.

  3. carpediemnow

    They sure commented to dealers about it on March 1st in an email to dealers:

    “Sorry, No iPhones!

    Despite the Apple iPhone launching on Verizon Wireless, they are unfortunately not allowed to be activated on Page Plus. If an iPhone does happen to activate on Page Plus, it will be subject to suspension or deactivation. We realize this doesn’t affect a lot of customers, but it does answer the question that many are asking! “

  4. Jean Painter

    Does this mean that the iPhone 4S can be purchased outright, activated for 1 month of “regular” service with Verizon and then switched over to Page Plus?

  5. Jean Painter

    If you had to fulfil a 2 year contract with Verizon before activating with Page Plus, you’d only be able to port out dated phones. I sure hope this is not the case.

  6. Christopher Price

    Our understanding is that the iPhone only needs to be momentarily activated on a Verizon account… Even for just a few seconds.

  7. carpediemnow

    I am a dealer. I did not receive any such memo and I confirmed with my master dealer that no much memo was sent to him either.

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