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2 responses to “Verizon Adds Incentives For Month To Month Users To Sign Up for More Everything Plans”

  1. Casey

    I’m glad Verizon has started to pay catchup. Their inability to update their plans forced me to AT&T after almost 8 years. After I switched I found out that AT&T’s coverage and data speeds are FAR superior in my area. Now I can buy a phone that doesn’t have Verizon bloatware and logo on it.

    In ask seriousness I’m glad they made me switch, I actually don’t mind paying my wireless bill each month with so much value my plan. The free visual voicemail is super nice on AT&T too.

  2. CHARISSA Brown

    Do not sign up with Verizon, if you care anything at all about being treated half way human post the point of sale. Once the sales person has collected their commission from your sale, they will literally run to the back part if their stores to avoid having to answer any questions that you may have concerning any equipment or plans that you paid for and will continue to pay for. The worst customer service I have ever experienced.