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4 responses to “Verizon Adds More Smartphones to $80 Prepaid Smartphone Plan and BYOD Support”

  1. octavio

    Vzw CEO must be smoking crack in his office behind closed doors. To offer such a high price for prepaid service and 1gb data is criminal. Good luck vzw. T-mo has the best prepaid offering and metropcs also. T-mo may be losing contract customers but they are making up with prepaid.

  2. Mike Freeman

    Actually, Verizon prepaid is doing fine. They have been extremely successful with their $50 feature phone plan and are combining the phone list of their old unlimited data smartphone plans with the new $80 plan. Yes, they cost more then Page Plus, but more people know of Verizon prepaid , it is a very trusted marquee name in most any markets whereas, Page Plus is kind of under the radar, though becoming better known. Btw, a lot of the phones on that list are “3G multimedia devices” and the CHU series phones are actually Samsung SCH- U series phones. Verizon prepaid also offers low priced roaming, something its Straight Talk mvno doesn’t have. Verizon is combating the other prepaid carriers with its constant strength, bigger and better network coverage then just about anyone else…

  3. octavio

    Mike, feature phones are not data guzzlers like smart phones so 1 gb of data is fine. $80 dollar sharing plan on vzw is still too high even for a feature phone user. Between $40 to $50 for a feature phone plan is acceptable because data requirement are not heavy on such phones. Page Plus and Straight Talk are the best options for those who live in areas that vzw has the strongest area of coverage from the other carriers. This sharing plan is expensive because not only you’ll pay the $80 per month plus a $40 fee per phone so you’ll be paying $120 per month for unlimited calls, text and 1 gb of data and that’s the cheapest plan they have. That is just plain wrong..

  4. Mike Freeman

    Never once did I say Verizon ever was or will be the cheapest choice in prepaid. That’s what Page Plus and other options are for. Verizon always will market even their prepaid as premium . It is what they charge for having the brand name on there. I’m saying the $50 has been a success and it has with feature phone users. The truth is they should offer more data or cut prices but since they just merged the byod with the $80 plan, I don’t think that will happen. They have constantly tweaked their prepaid offerings for the last two years, incrementally improving them over time. Verizon postpaid users used to the higher contract prices will find this more attractive as they do not know about options like Page Plus. Obviously, for the more informed or dollar savvy like us, Verizon prepaid is higher priced, but that’s not going to change the fact that they are going to continue charging more as the rest of the prepaid wireless industry gets cheaper (Tmobile/Simple for example). It is a relative improvement over what existed but not the best deal for low dollars compared to other prepaid options…