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55 responses to “Verizon Affirms Unlimited Smartphone SIM Card Usage in Hotspots, Tablets, LTE iPad”

  1. Mike Bass


    I called the FCC directly according to their complaints website at I used the number below.

    “Our Consumer & Mediation Specialists are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET to answer your questions and assist you in filing a complaint. Call toll-free at 1- 888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) voice or 1-888-TELL- FCC (1- 888-835-5322) TTY.”

  2. Montana Barb

    If I obtain a grandfathered Verizon unlimited data plan (3G or 4G) can Verizon force me to a new contract for like a year when I AOL the plan if it is already out of contract? If I bring in my own smartphone to activate on the plan, can I legally avoid the tethering fee if I use a Droid since hotspot is a phone feature on the Droid? I know I have to pay a monthly tethering fee if I use an iPhone. I want to be able to use the phone hotspot for my laptop. Or can I do this–I have a 4G Verizon jetpack on my current Verizon share plan which I don’t use. Can I move my jetpack number to the nationwide plan for the grandfather plan phone number and pay an extra $20 to tether from the jetpack phone number? I don’t think I can do that because the jetpack is a broadband thing and the Verizon unlimited data is a phone thing, and I don’t think tethering and broadband are the same thing…are they? But I plan on keeping the share plan as well as the nationwide plan associated with the grandfathered unlimited plan for a while – will Verizon let me have two different plans? I live very remotely and no phone line here. I have several cell phone lines for family and we talk a lot! I don’t use a smartphone but my kids and grandkids do so I would keep both plans for a while yet. I am looking for a way to get faster internet service for my laptop – my satellite internet service is very very slow and I would pay about the same for the grandfather unlimited plan as I pay now for my slow slow internet. I am no techie so if you can help me understand any of this I appreciate it.

  3. My Verizon 4G LTE Rural Internet Setup |

    […] The process went like this:  Ahead of time I bought a Verizon Samsung S3 phone with a clean ESN off eBay (you need an Android phone, you can’t activate the plan on a USB modem) and a Verizon SIM card off ebay.  After the seller and I agreed on $175 I sent the money to him via PayPal and gave him my name, he called Verizon’s Assumption of Liability (AOL) department to tell them I’d be taking over the line, then he gave me the number I would be taking over.  I called Verizon’s AOL department and told the rep the number, she verified the details on the plan and then transferred the line into my name…I didn’t have a Verizon account so I had to set one up over the phone and they will run a credit check–and Verizon does a hard pull so don’t do this before buying a house or taking out a loan.  During this process it’s very important not to switch to one of Verizon’s newer plan’s that will drop unlimited data.  I made sure the rep knew I wanted to keep unlimited data.  After it was switched into my name I gave the rep my phone’s MEID number and SIM card number and activated the phone… it took awhile, maybe 5 minutes.  I made a test call and tested data with the rep still on the line.  It all worked!  Once it was activated I moved the SIM card over to my USB modem (which Verizon allows). […]

  4. Duane

    I don’t mean to dig up an old article, but I lost my unlimited data when I had my SIM card in a jetpack. I called up to merge 2 plans into one shared plan and she freaked out about having a jetpack with unlimited data. She removed unlimited data and forced the jetpack onto a single line mifi plan for 2GB/mo. Be careful if you call in to Verizon!