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2 responses to “Verizon and HTC Announce DROID DNA”

  1. HTC's Thunderdolts

    My HTC Thunderbolt just sent me an SMS:

    “Fooled you once, no shame on me, cause I’m HTC.”

    Sorry, HTC. I’ll take a used Galaxy Nexus any day. Google stands by its devices, even if it doesn’t stand by LTE.

  2. Dave

    What, the first LTE smartphone in America is great. Gingerbread. Mmm… gingerbread. Meanwhile, Sprint has updated all their LTE phones, and most of their WiMAX phones to Android 4.0 and 4.1.

    I’m not sure who to be more mad at, Verizon or HTC. A pox on both their houses in the end.

    Droid DNA? Now that’s “Droid Incredible” – an incredible joke!!