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6 responses to “Verizon and Motorola Announce DROID X for July 15th, Mobile Hotspot for Additional Charge”

  1. jim

    So, a 4 Gig hotspot allowance is $40 on top of the $30 data plan for a grand total of $70 a month? Wow. And I thought the 5 Gig/$60 plan was bad……

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  3. Christopher Price

    Jim, unlike on AT&T, handset data usage on Verizon is unlimited.

    This actually is a better deal than the Verizon’s broadband card plan, in most cases. You can tell the Android web browser to save files to your microSD card, so big downloads go to the unlimited handset data quota.

    As such, unless you need to do VPN, there aren’t a lot of things that will push you past 2 GB in Mobile Hotspot.

    Still, with PDANet and rooting your phone being free, $20 still is a bit steep. Not to mention you get 5 GB of Mobile Hotspot on Pre Plus and Pixi Plus absolutely free.

  4. jim

    Yeah, but recall that the Hotspot on Pre/Pre+ was originally $40/month, and thare’s no stopping VZW from restoring that price point at any time they choose. But tethering prices aside, discriminitory pricing on data cards really torques me, as I prefer the card to the phone modem. But $40/200 Meg this day and age on datacards & USB modems is shameless thievery. If 5 Gig is to remain at $60/mo, then at least 2 Gig, if not 3 for $40 would be at least a tolerable lower-cost option on these things. Heck, T-Mo does offer 5 Gig/mo on their modem for $40 now, but alas my AT&T-tuned Gobi chip in my netbook can’t hit T-Mo 3G frequencies. If it did, I’d be there in a heartbeat, as I carry cell service with them. As it is, I’m stuck with VZW on contract until next year.

    I can only hope and pray 4G plans give better consumer value for dollar regardless of carrier.

  5. Christopher Price

    Jim, Verizon ran TV ads saying “buy a Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus… and get the 3G Mobile Hotspot feature at no additional charge.”

    I seriously doubt Verizon would be able to keep those contracts as valid and yank the 5GB Mobile Hotspot plan code. There are some skunk tactics they could play there, but I think those two devices are going to be stuck grandfathered for life.

    Anything else, and Verizon runs the risk of a class action lawsuit. They may be okay with that risk, but I doubt they’d risk it regardless.

  6. yurdle

    Correction…. comes with 16gb pre installed micro SDHC