Verizon and Nokia Announce Nokia 6205 with Dark Knight Edition

In a press release today, Verizon and Nokia have jointly announced the pending availability of the Nokia 6205 clamshell.

We previously reported that 7205 would be the first internally designed Nokia CDMA phone with EVDO access, and now the 6205 has been upgraded with EVDO access from its prerelease 1xRTT only specifications.

The clamshell itself has also been considerably upgraded featurewise beginning with the addition of a 1.3 megapixel camera with flash and video recorder, GPS support through VZ Navigator, 58 MB internal memory, microSDHC expansion slot, media player with external touch sensitive controls, Bluetooth, speakerphone, voice dialing, and voice control.

The phone will launch first in a limited edition version commemorating the forthcoming release of the long-awaited feature film “The Dark Knight”, which will be sold exclusively through Verizon Wireless online beginning June 15th for $119.99 before an additional $50 mail-in rebate bringing the total to $69.99.

The standard version in a metallic blue/white finish will be launched next month in all sales channels with no date available at this time.

Buy a Nokia 6205 from Verizon Wireless

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