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17 responses to “Verizon Announces iPhone 4 for February 10th”

  1. Jeff

    Any response from AT&T on mobile hotspot or unlimited data?

  2. Phoneman

    Any word if it will work on Verizon prepaid, Cricket, Page Plus, etc?

  3. Nanfy

    There will be countless hackers trying ti get this CDMA iPhone working on sprint, metropcs, and other CDMA carriers.

    Correct me if I am wrong but isnt there a legal ruling requiring to sprint allow unlocked CDMA phones on it’s network. A ruling that sprint had never put into effect.

    To bad sprint had such a poor record appeasing there customers. It would be nice if they allowed verizon ESNs on there network instead of me playing around with CDMA workshop for several days.

  4. Phoneman

    Didn’t Sprint also say they would allow unlocked devices and switch to an open network once Wimax was launched? Is that still on the table?

  5. Christopher Price

    Good question, good enough for a future editorial!


  6. nonegiven

    No GSM and LTE = fail

  7. JJ

    Its not a fail yet. Coverage isnt enough yet.

  8. F1

    Happy 2011 to all !

    @ Nanfy and Phoneman

    As Christopher Price surely can attest, SPRINT has yet to follow through, despite being a signatory to the above sited agreement!

    Personally I have tried, as far back as the VZW OMNIA, with the SPRINT Tech Flagshipstore in Encino California, they stated that:

    “We are just not set up for that, despite Tier II SPRINT Advanced Techsupport, noting my account for cooperatin, this service was denied by other location managers.

    For the record however the “step guide” is as follows:

    a. Buying (it) at full retail at the VZW store.

    b. Unlocking of the device by VZW tec-staff.

    c. “Flashing” by SPRINT

    SPRINT response varied from “it is not possible, because we lack the contact cable and there is no guarantee it would work”,to “we are not allowed, we are not responsible”!!

    However, I read somewhere that Apple COO Tim Cook stated, that the iPhone 4 CDMA, is NOT an exclusive to Verizon, hence it is only a matter of time, maybe within next 90 days, surely around the iPhone 5 HSPA +announcement and release, when at last, other third party carriers will carry the at that time, dated 3G CDMA.

    Most likely the iPhone4 3G CDMA, will be on the market until 2012, at that time VZW and AT&T both, will have established their SIM LTE Network, hence iPhone 6 LTE will be universal thereby phase out of iPhone 4 CDMA would be well on it’s way.

    A new year, same old quality customer service experience, at SPRINT.

    Thank You

  9. F1

    Some interesting read….

    In other words watch out, your next step could be “a la VZW” costly, furthermore if you do sign up with VZW, as a thanks, you would most likely end up with the shortest lived hip iPhone!

    Still, I would love to port the iPhone CDMA on to my current SPRINT account, @ $660 Tax included, however it better work!!

    Thank You

  10. nonegiven

    Um, GSM coverage is GLOABAL, JJ. Try again.

  11. Yeah That Guy

    Neither GSM or CDMA are truly global. The dual chip phones are the only ones that should be called “global”. Yes I know what the “G” stands for…. but the name doesn’t make it true.

  12. anon
    Kinda hard pressed to get away from GSM coverage though.

  13. F1
  14. Phoneman

    I honestly would rather have that Atrix than the iPhone. Too bad there is no word of it ever hitting Sprint’s unlimited 4G plans.

  15. Yeah That Guy

    I don’t deny that GSM is available in more countries. It clearly is, however, I see Apple’s perspective about creating CDMA version that caters to an audience that isn’t traveling off continent and is ready now. This is Apple — the company that sold non 3g iphones in droves when Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T all offered 3G data devices such as Palms and BlackBerry. The iphone was “better” because of the interface. Lest we forget that it did not offer MMS at a time even your basic LG phones did. Apple will sell a lot of CDMA iPhones and then in a year (or less) sell LTE iPhones. It is what they do.

  16. -TheChosenOne-

    All good comments.

    @ that guy

    Yes your right people flock to the iPhone because a number of things. The iPhone 4 has been out since June and it is still sold out in most Att stores and some cases limited supllies at Apple. Apple sets records period. The verizon phone will be a hit. And when another iPhone comes out it will be a hit. Not a fail. I have never seen anyone line up 2 days in advance for ANY phone.

    From my iPhone 

  17. Phoneman

    @ -TheChosenOne-
    People lined up 2 days in advance for the Nintendo Wii, and it was sold out everywhere for months after its release. It doesn’t mean it is better than the Xbox 360 or PS3.

    The Verizon iPhone will probably be a hit. But I don’t think it will be anywhere near as big a hit as the GSM iPhone.

    The vast majority of people that want an iPhone already have one. There will probably be some people who drop AT&T and switch to Verizon for the same phone they already have. And there will be others who have bad AT&T coverage so they never got an iPhone.

    For the most part, just about everyone who wants an iPhone probably has one already. Don’t expect too many people waiting in line for 2 days for the Verizon iPhone.

    When the iPhone 5 comes out that might be another story. But for the same old iPhone 4 that has been out for over 6 months already, I just don’t see it.