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3 responses to “Verizon Announces LG Versa”

  1. abcyesn

    I see a lot of similarities between the LG Versa and an iPhone, but I must say I love the idea behind a detachable QWERTY keyboard. My current Verizon Wireless phone has a QWERTY keyboard which I have grown to love so it’s something I would look for in another phone. Ironically, the phone I have is also an LG phone so it might be time for a trade-in.

  2. Joe

    This looks AWFUL.

  3. deeskillz2000

    A friend of mine works at VZW and let me play with the demo. The touch screen is very responsive … even more so than the Dare. The fact that it comes with a stylus as well ( another thing missing from the Dare ) is a plus. But the “touch” part of it is still no iPhone ( not that it’s trying to be ). And as for the Flash support, it’s very limited. It will let you view sites like YouTube in its native form, but the more sophisticated Flash sites will have a problem trying to render video. Overall, pretty cool phone for those who want a smaller alternative to the Voyager.