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6 responses to “Verizon Announces Prepaid Plans with Smartphone Data”

  1. F1

    “The plans do require the purchase of a device at retail cost as well”

    That is simply absurd, yet completely in line with VWZ greed factor.

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  2. That Guy

    Why would VZW want to sell a phone without a contract and take a hit on the device? That plan makes total sense when there is a contract involved. On prepaid?…. of course the device will cost a lot.

    If they sold Curves on prepaid at 29.99 we would scoop them up and sell them on ebay. Big Red would not last long in such an enviroment.

    I’m not sure how much smartphones on prepaid will impact their business, but hey, they seem to know what they are doing.

  3. Christopher Price

    It would be a great deal, if you were allowed to activate smartphone data on flat-rate prepaid.

    Then it would be in perfect parity with Sprint’s under-promoted, under-the-table, Sprint Relay Data Only plans… sans the contract.

    Unfortunately, this does nothing to tip the scales against Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile unlimited plans. If you want flat-rate Android plans, MetroPCS and Cricket are now in the middle of rolling out Android.

  4. Don Louie

    Sprint should let Virgin/Boost get some Web OS and Android love.

  5. F1

    @ translation services

    “we would scoop them up and sell them on ebay…”

    I am not saying that VZW or any other company, should “subsidize” Post and Pre-paid at the same rate, however a $100- $200 discount, depending on the margin rate, hence there would be an incentive to buy new units from the company, acknowledging and appreciating customers can go a long way.

    I know people who have been with VZW Prepaid for a decade, staying with “vintage 90’s” devices, despite outrage policies, and minimal phone usage!

    Thank You

  6. NCH

    I do not know what smart phone has been devoted to the situation in the sector, but hey, they seem to know what they’re doing.