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4 responses to “Verizon Asks You To Call Them About Google Wallet if You’re “Concerned””

  1. Christopher Lee

    Please see the articles that have been posted prior, for the direct answer as to why Google Wallet is blocked. ISIS Mobile Wallet uses the Secure Element feature, and the reason why Google Wallet is blocked is to monopolize on their own application. I found this out while setting up Isis on my Galaxy S3, as well as the error messages I received after I had rooted. Here’s the links…

  2. Casey

    Should you have a Galaxy Nexus to call?

  3. Tom S

    Don’t see why, Verizon is doing the same illegal antitrust crap with Galaxy S III and any other NFC phone. I’m calling and not anywhere near being a customer.

  4. Casey

    I called customer service tonight, here is a recording of the call.