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4 responses to “Verizon Begins Offering Prepaid Data for Smartphones and LTE Service”

  1. matt

    This is great but 1GB will be tight for many.

  2. C

    Or you can get the exact same thing with Page Plus for $60. And byod!

  3. Timmy

    It’s worth noting that the Jetpack plans are still terrible compared to using a grandfathered smartphone SIM card, and abandoning the voice minutes.

    You can take over someone’s Verizon plan (with unlimited data, and say a 3G smartphone) for free or even make a little money. Then swap the device to a 4G smartphone (borrow from someone), and finally drop the voice plan to the lowest level (450 minutes, or the $20 plan if you’re over 65).

    Final cost should be $39 + $30 unlimited data = $69. If you use more than 3 GB/month of data, taking over someone’s grandfathered plan, and SIM-swapping to a Jetpack is still way cheaper… oh, and it’s unlimited.

    Many thanks to for the intel, too:

  4. James

    I’m pretty sure you’d have $39 + $30 unlimited data + $30 Mobile Broadband Connect (hotspot) = $99.

    “Customers who do not have dedicated Mobile Broadband devices cannot tether other devices to laptops or personal computers for use as wireless modems unless they subscribe to Mobile Broadband Connect”

    I definitally agree its cheaper to pop it into a 4g LTE iPad, but not sure you’ll get hotspot on the MiFi without subscribing to Mobile Broadband Connect. If nothing else, I’d expect the service to be terminated should they discover the SIM being used for MiFi w/o the subscription.

    It would be interesting to find out if anyone is using their smartphone SIM in their MiFi w/o having the hotspot feature.