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10 responses to “Verizon Confirms 3G Unlimited Data to 4G Upgrades Keep Unlimited Data”

  1. F1

    $30 (for Unlimited Data off a Smart-phone) plus $30 (Unlimited Hotspot ) = $60

    The “Unlimited 4G LTE”, with say the Samsung Charge, is a great option, however forget VZW 3G Data coverage on the iPhone 4, it is no competition to SPRINT 3G Data, which can easily stream music, on the other hand, VZW 3G Data drains power ( as much as 1% of battery per 1.5 – 2 minutes, that is 60% per hour!), as it attempts to download any file or even web pages, dropping down to 2G speeds.
    Clearly, the VZW 4G is coming to the companies rescue not a minute too soon, the VZW Network is clearly filled near capacity, however despite all that, Calls and Text messages on the VZW 3G Network are still, far more reliable and timely than on SPRINT 3G.

    Thank You

  2. Mark Sluss

    Me and my wife both have an Env Touch (feature phone) with unlimited data (plan was $30 for the main line and the $10 for each additional line, all lines unlimited data). A few days ago I changed my plan to the unlimited smartphone data plan on both my phones (now $30 for each phone). I knew it would cost more, but I thought I would of been grandfathered in with the unlimited smartphone data plan, especially seeing how I just increased the price on my plan.

    I went today to upgrade my phone and was told that I would have to change my current plan to one of the new tired plans, even though I’m paying for the unlimited smartphone plan, all because I don’t have a “smartphone”. What I don’t understand why did Verizon let me select the unlimited smartphone data plan without having a smartphone, but now all of a sudden I must already own a smartphone to keep the plan with an upgrade.

    The whole point is to keep the plan I have now, which is the unlimited smartphone data plan when I upgrade. I was told also that I can’t go back to the same plan I had before. I’ve been a loyal customer, but I’m loosing the respect I had for Verizon

    Anyways, been waiting for the Bionic for months, but now going to go with Sprint to get my smartphone with the unlimited data plan, thinking about the Galaxy S2 or the HTC EVO 3D.

    I keep hearing how 2 gigs is a lot, but I notice when I download a 10 min video on my pc in 1080p HD and it used 1 gig, I realize how easy it will be to use up 2 gigs of data. Especially when I can take 1080p video with the new phones and I may want to upload a few videos afterwords.

  3. Scott Davis

    Regarding Mark Sluss’ post, the plan you had on your ENV Touch was an Unlimited Data plan, not an Unlimited Smartphone Data plan. While it seems a matter of semantics, the ENV Touch was not a Smartphone.

    Before switching to Sprint, google Sprint 4g vs Verizon 4g.

  4. Brian

    “I keep hearing how 2 gigs is a lot, but I notice when I download a 10 min video on my pc in 1080p HD and it used 1 gig, I realize how easy it will be to use up 2 gigs of data. Especially when I can take 1080p video with the new phones and I may want to upload a few videos afterwords.”

    Data is compressed a LOT more on wireless than on landline broadband.
    And, you won’t download a video in 1080p for your phone, the screen size and resolution don’t support it so the sites you stream from throttle the size of the file to fit your phone.
    Watching 1080p on a phone is similar to putting ethanol in a honda civic, the motor just doesn’t have the capacity to run that rich of a fuel source.

    Using a WiFi hotspot or your own WiFi at home gives you unlimited data, so if you can hold off downloading a big file until you hit your local starbucks or other WiFi area you shouldn’t have any fear of going over your 2GB in a month.
    I do know a few people that go over their 2GB limit, but they stream over 8 hours of netflix a month over the network, not wifi

  5. Mark Sluss

    Scott Davis, hope your not the same Scott Davis that works for Verizon, because thats sounds like the same thing that “Spottedcatfish” told me.

    Anyways, I am well aware of the 2 networks, thats why I have been with Verizon for years now, but in refrence to your remark of “Before switching to Sprint, google Sprint 4g vs Verizon 4g”, Sprint is still UNLIMITED, whats the point of getting a smartphone capable of streaming netflix, radio, skype video chat, and so on, if your going to be limited by the amount of bandwith you can use….

    If im going to sign a 2 yr contract, I’m going to give my $3,600 to Sprint, not unless I can keep my unlimited plan, just so I dont have to worry about going over my 2gig limit. its just something else to worry about.

  6. Mark Sluss

    Also so were all on the same page, about a week ago, I changed the plan I had ($30 for the first line and then $10 for the others) to a higher plan which was the unlimited plan on all phones ($30 and $30). I read where in the “Training Doc” Leak where it said:

    “Anyone who sets up new service with unlimited data, upgrades from a feature phone to a smart phone with unlimited data, or customer currently on the $29.99 before July, 7, 2011 will be grandfathered in. Notice the “OR” in the last line, which is why I changed my plan to the $30 plan days before the switch on 7/7.

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  8. Jon

    @ Mark Sluss, I don’t blame you for wanting to leave. 2gb can go quick. I like the fact of unlimited data myself. Nothing worse than having to worry about data. It’s bad enough we still have to worry about minutes.

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