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7 responses to “Verizon Confirms HTC Droid Incredible Specs”

  1. JJ

    What does it mean by updated sense? What is updated in it?

  2. Christopher Price

    Likely the new Sense UI that was highlighted in the EVO 4G, including the Expose-style ability to view all Sense home screens simultaneously.

  3. Grrr Sprint

    So when did Verizon start getting better specs in their phones? Stupid Sprint, I want 256 more megs of RAM! Does anyone know what Android 2.1 runs at memory wise after a reset? What is the approximate available RAM?

  4. JJ

    That is just weird. The HTC Evo specs are 1GB of ROM and 512 of RAM. Why such a difference? Unless the specs are incorrect on one of the phones.
    Either way their both great phones. I just like the hdmi port on the evo, not to mention the kickstand for viewing hands free and a bigger screen.

  5. Christopher Price

    As I just said in another comment, Sprint and Verizon engineers have been asking HTC for different RAM/ROM compliments for years.

    I suspect that the EVO 4G got less RAM in order to keep the cost down on the device (the WiMAX silicon making it more expensive than the Incredible). ROM is relatively cheap, so to give Sprint some competitive ground, the EVO 4G got more ROM than Incredible has.

  6. kyle

    Christopher u r an idiot. All u sprint users are just mad u will only have 1gb of memory to save ur apps to. I’m sorry but incredible is better than evo. Hands. Down

  7. Christopher Price

    Folks, don’t feel the trolls.

    It’s clear that the HTC Incredible was given more powerful features to compensate for the lack of WiMAX. Duh.