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4 responses to “Verizon Confirms Palm Pre/Pixi Plus Pricing”

  1. JJ

    I still can’t believe verizon or att don’t include texting in their unlimited package. I guess thats why sprint will continue to have the best plans. Hopefully sprint will get the updated versions also.

  2. jimA

    WOW!!! 40 voice + 30 data + 20 text + 40 wifi tether = 130/mo. Well, something tells me that wifi service is going to go over like the lead bloon that their 30 usb tether plan is. I’m sure it won’t be long before someone puts out an app like WMWiFi Router, Walking Hot Spot, or PDANet for these things. Then again, maybe thr phones will follow the plans; I never much cared for either of them.

  3. JJ

    Yeah, this amazes me. Even if you take out the wifi tether for 40 and you add navigation your paying $100 for voice,data,text and nav when you can just pay 70 with sprin and get the same thing. Not to mention you get UNLIMITED CALLS TO ANY CELL PHONE.
    I guess in some areas sprint doesn’t work and then maybe its not worth it but I had verizon and sprint for about 1 year and my sprint phone worked everywhere that my verizon phone worked, not to mention my sprint phone had faster evdo speeds.
    If sprint works where you use the phone the most then sprint is the better choice when it comes to saving money.

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