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6 responses to “Verizon Confirms Tiered Data Plans for This Summer”

  1. F1

    Shame on the FCC,

    VZW was the first company that was allowed by FCC’s silence and imaction, to redefine the term “Unlimited” to a maximum of 5 GB, and get away with it, now allowing T-Mobile to yet set a lower standard of only 2GB as the new “Unlimited”.

    How ironic that just yesterday, AT&T demonstrated it’s LTE at a speed that exceeded 28Mbps, in other words,
    faster speeds to shorter distances (lower limits), yet before it was slower speeds to no where (but higher limits), or as the industry used to market & advertise, “go unlimit yourself”!

    Where is the logic, the ones that paved the way to faster speeds, by paying for years for lower speeds, now get teased & punished, go faster to no where?!

    Thank You

  2. F1

    Why are comments getting deleted?

  3. Christopher Price

    F1, as we’ve said in the past we have a strong anti-spam filter.

    If your comment only has a few words and a link, it stands a much higher chance of being flagged as spam.

    If you’re going to link to another site, please make sure the comment has a constructive commentary that is at least a full sentence or two.

  4. Jon

    Looks like Verizon is wanting to be like at&t. Tiered plans is only going to keep people away. What’s next, dropped calls?

  5. Jim

    This “unlimited” business has always amused me, as it is all nothing but semantics. The fact is, you can’t really have an “unlimited” data plan on a 30-day billing cycle at a given download speed. The real underlying problem is the public telecomm infrastructue being held and managed by profit-driven, investor-funded Corporations.

    When Vladimir Putin decided that the profittering in the Russian telecom and energy (oil) industries was too excessive, he nationalized both industries and threw all the capitalist skanks running them in jail, where they still now sit. Which is where the CEO’s of the American Oil cand wireless companies also belong as well. Would that Obama would just put them there as Putin did in his country.

  6. F1

    @ Chris

    It is ironic that my post was up for two days, and it was related to the matter, sometimes one does not have extra time to write extensively,

    here is an example of what your system failed to catch:

    Thank You