4 responses to “Verizon Eliminates Mail-in-Rebate for Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus”

  1. oren

    Now if Verizon lowered the monthly charge for unlimited everything to compete with Sprint, so Pre wanters like me can have the phone we want and the service we want.

  2. Don Louie

    Don’t limit it to Web OS, include all the phones and all the carriers should follow

  3. Don Louie

    1st they steal the Web OS thunder and now they take the NFL from us

  4. Verizon Wireless Pulls Pixi Plus From Online Store | PhoneNews.com

    […] levels unheard of for a full featured smartphone, first to $79.99 after rebate in February of 2010, eliminated the mail in rebate for it and the Pre Plus in March, made a further price cut to $29.99 in a buy one, get one free […]