Verizon Employee Presentation Surfaces with New Devices and Windows Mobile Upgrades

Employees of Verizon Wireless have leaked an internal presentation intended for store employees regarding  company performance with new information regarding several new upcoming devices intended to launch soon.

The slides also detail Windows Mobile 6.1 updates for two current devices and the pending completion of their EVDO Rev. A upgrade across the entire network.  Also, two new devices will be launched that will make Verizon the first domestic CDMA carrier to offer triband W-CDMA data access in tandem with EVDO Rev. A

Images courtesy of Engadget Mobile

Verizon Wireless has big plans for users of EVDO high speed data this year as the company has designated July 31st as the completion date for their network upgrade to EVDO Rev. A promising an increase in upload speed to a variable rate of 300-500kbps, up from the current 50kbps speeds offered on Rel. 0.

The Palm Treo 800w, which we’ve discussed previously for Sprint is now slated for a release on Verizon as well sometime in the third quarter and will feature 256MB of flash memory with 128 MB of ROM, Windows Mobile 6.1, Wi-Fi radio, Bluetooth 2.0 with stereo audio support, microSDHC expansion slot, 1.3 megapixel camera with video recorder, internal GPS transceiver alongside A-GPS access, and tethering through Bluetooth and USB.

The Samsung i760 will be one of the first Windows Mobile devices on Verizon to be updated to 6.1 sometime this month in an update.  The device will otherwise remain unchanged from its current specifications.

The next device to be updated with Rev. A access, VZ Navigator support and Windows Mobile 6.1 will be the XV6800.  Strangely, the slide lists the update releasing in May even though multiple sources have pointed the update to be available sometime later this month.

The first official images of the Adventure were previously leaked, but this slide marks the first official image of the Casio Hitachi c711 clamshell which is almost identical to the current Type-S if a bit larger.

Both phones will feature PTT over Rev. A, full access to VCAST Video and Music services, M810F certification, Bluetooth 2.0 on the c711 and 1.2 on the Adventure, speakerphone, GPS with fleet tracking support, with a 1.3 megapixel camera on the c711 and a 2 megapixel camera on the Advantage.  No release dates are available but are expected sometime this quarter.

This is the first official appearance of the Samsung i770 dual-mode smart device, intended to replace the i760.

The device will launch with 256 MB of flash memory and 128MB of ROM, Windows Mobile 6.1, Wi-Fi radio, dual-band GSM/GPRS access for international roaming, microSDHC expansion slot, Bluetooth 2.0 with stereo audio support, GPS support with VZ Navigator, and a 2.0 megapixel camera with video recorder.

The device is expected to launch sometime in the third quarter

The last devices of note are the first tri-mode CDMA/GSM/W-CDMA devices designed for international high-speed data access from the carrier.

The Qualcomm GOBI is an internal miniPCI Express card designed for OEM integration into laptops which features dual-band CDMA 1xEVDO Rev. A access, quadband GSM/EDGE access, and triband HSPA access with availability beginning sometime this year.  The Novatel Global USB modem features identical specifications to the GOBI internal card in terms of air interface and frequency support, and is expected to launch sometime in the third quarter.

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  1. Danny

    Wow. Their entire network REV A capable? Way to go Big Red! Hopefully they’ll have enough T-1’s to provide enough capacity to meet growing demands.

    I hope my carrier (T-Mobile) hurries up and gives us 3G here in Los Angeles. I would love to tether using 3G over EDGE anyday.

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