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4 responses to “Verizon EOL List Leaks, Palm Pre Plus End Of Life in October”

  1. Jonkie

    I don’t think it’s a big deal that handsets get replaced.

    It’s a fast moving market. Most models get updated every 6 months or so. Apple is the only one that can hold out for an entire year before updating its models.

  2. jim

    Yeah, by the time 3/31/2011 rolls around LTE handsets will be starting to emerge. Android 3.0 will probably be out, as well as WP7 phones also. Just too bad that snappy new Droid X will seem like an old tank of a CDMA dinosaur by then lol.

  3. Scott

    Its not that apple can hold it. its that it choses too.

    All apples NEW AND EXCITING features they claim have been out for years on other phones before there icrap

  4. kkfkd

    Interesting list. This probably the informed news article i’ve found online in over a month.