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6 responses to “Verizon Expands LTE Network to More Markets”

  1. JJ

    That is on thing verizon is doing correct. Pushing all these markets into 4g so fast. I understand sprint is going to be switching to lte but they need to step it up faster than that. People that purchased wimax phones are screwed. Only wimax is some major cities and they completely stopped. Verizon already has 4g in my small town already. My friend was able to connect at 7mbps on his charge and I’m stuck with a 4g phone running only 3g 99% of the time. This is crazy.

  2. ChadSR1

    27mbps download in cincinnati ohio and 4G just deployed in dayton ohio yesterday clocked in at 17mbps so far

  3. Christopher Price

    Last year we warned everyone if you’re in a 3G market, don’t immediately get a 4G phone. We couldn’t confirm where Sprint was headed, and we took a lot of flack for telling people that.

  4. JJ

    All I know is that verizon lte is nice. My brotherinlaw just got the charge and with only 2 bars of 4g he got 7mbps. On 3 bars from sprint in orlando I only managed to get 3mbps. Also lte is available in my small town while wimax is not. So in the end sprint is making the right choice to switch to lte but customers right now are going to be frustrated with all these 4g phones being pushed on them with no 4g coverage. I wish verizon had plans like sprint so I could get an lte aircard on pay as yougo.

  5. Jail Bird

    If Vzw wasn’t so expensive compared to Sprint for text/data, I’d be jumping ship!

  6. Jon

    You get what you pay for.