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15 responses to “Verizon (Finally) Rolls Out HTC Thunderbolt ICS Update… 6 Months Late”

  1. Larry Bray

    Humberto,..Do you know why Straight Talk doesn’t offer a better smart phone other then the Samsung S that works on the Verizon net work? It seems all the other big companies offer almost all their smart phones except Verizon to Straight Talk.. If I were to go with ST and get a smart phone on the VZ net work is it the same as having VZ service that I now have? I know VZ is a cdma.

    Thank you for your input and knowledge…


  2. Frank

    To avoid confusion the Thunderbolt did NOT launch with Gingerbread, it launched with Froyo 2.2.
    I remember waiting months for gingerbread to come through and fix the phone, which it never fixed anything.

  3. Christopher Price


    The Straight Talk lineup of iPhone devices also are powered by Verizon Wireless’s network:

  4. David

    “Most of the the people that would have cared about the update have already bitten the bullet and swapped to other devices by now” — really? I would think most of us that care are the ones that do still have the phone. Where is your source for that statement? I have the phone because Verizon has decided to screw us out of unlimited data if we get a “subsidized” phone. So, I am holding on to it, and my wife’s and kids’ phones until our contract is up. Then it will be good-bye to Verizon. I have called BS on the subsidized pricing for years. If those prices are real, then how come the tablet prices don’t differ from the over the counter prices?

  5. Christopher Price


    A Droid Bionic can be had on eBay for at/around $100. Most of the people that wanted ICS, myself included, swapped to another device a long, long time ago. Verizon’s subsidy rules on unlimited data plans do not prevent you from swapping to an unsubsidized/preowned device.

    If I had advice for a Thunderbolt owner, it would be to upgrade to a used Galaxy Nexus.

  6. Cam

    Not to sound dumb… But when you say beginning of next week do you mean like this Monday or next Sunday?

  7. Edwin

    Too late!!! I sold my Thunderbolt and got a Samsung S3.

  8. Jon

    I swapped my Thunderbolt, for an, Ebay purchased, Galaxy Nexus almost a year ago and never looked back. My wife still has her Thunderbolt, and is getting fed up with it, and she’s jealous of how much faster and more stable my GNexus is. If this ICS update doesn’t add stability to her phone (I don’t expect it to), then I’ll be buying her a new phone on Ebay.

    David – I would suggest looking at Ebay for your next phone and sticking with Verizon and unlimited data and the best network. I will never get a subsidized phone from them again to avoid moving to shared data (which I estimate will cost me an extra $50 a month). I have four phones on my account and I’m letting all the contracts expire and I’m going month-to-month. When I need a new phone, I’ll just buy one on Ebay that is a few months old for the same price as a subsidized one (I think I got my GNexus for about $250, 4 months after release).

  9. John Dow

    I’m just waiting for page plus to finally allow Verizon Lte phones on there network.I know they allow it now if you know how to fix it,but I’m not that phone savy to say the least.

  10. Ordinary Bob

    Sage advice Jon. I’m still holding my TBolt and waiting for the update to see if it was worth it. If not, I’ll get a used phone and keep my unlimited data.

  11. J Nova

    I’ve been struggling through TBolt ownership for almost 2 years. My VZW contract expires in June. Though I’m happy to hear that I’ll finally get a somewhat modern OS, I’ll more than likely be switching to a Samsung phone and moving to T-Mobile. Sick and tired of Verizon’s crap. After many crappy TBolt ROMs, I flashed back to stock last night in preparation for the OTA update. Hoping it’s worth it and helps me more than hobble along until June. :: fingers crossed ::

  12. David

    Christopher and Jon,
    I appreciate both of your responses. Yea… I’ll probably pick a Samsung of some sort off of ebay eventually and keep the unlimited plan. I do about 5Gb a month and my teenage son gets closer to 10Gb. My wife and daughter use much less, but between us all, the “shared data” would cost more.
    Thanks again,

  13. David

    Not that anyone is too hyped about this (except for me). The OTA is currently downloading on my phone. I’ll post a little later and let you all know how it goes…

  14. Jon

    The OTA finished a while ago for me. I cannot wait to give this a spin and see how it goes. Never again will I buy an HTC. I got the phone the first week it came out and the debacle of even the original update to Gingerbread was terrible. Remember how they started to roll it out and then stopped because of issues and we didn’t get Gingerbread until November. The phone was so unstable prior to that update.

  15. J Nova

    Well, 4.0.4 official is now running on my TBolt. When I tried to update, at first was getting Download Failed messages. Had to do a factory reset and then try again. I highly recommend making sure you have a WiFi connection when updating because it’s huge (~400MB). Everything seems to be working great…as much as can be expected from Sense. Animations are smooth, screen unlocking is fast, new lockscreen features. The face unlock works great and is very snappy. Let the app loading begin!!!