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4 responses to “Verizon Further Extends Complimentary Mobile Hotspot Access to July 6th”

  1. Jim

    I’d rather see them push out an update that ENABLED Mobile Hotspot free of Charge (no pun intended) to 3G and 4G users alike. Carriers in other countries do not charge for these features anymore. It’s high time the US got with the progrtam here. I’m sick and tired of being gouged by American capitalists.

  2. JJ

    I hear you Jim. They are basically stealing money making you pay for data that you would be using anyway on the phone. When most people use tether they are not using their phone and it ends up being the same amount anyway, unless your downloading torrents. I just root and then get it for free anyway. Its not illegal so they can’t stop you. If they want to cancel my contract then go ahead and just switch to sprint.

  3. BRD

    @Jim then stop giving them your money?

  4. JailBird

    Jim, you do realize that those other countries that don’t get charged for tethering usually either throttle or have strict caps/AUPs?

    So take your pick. “Free” & limited, or paid & not-so-limited. Spectrum is a finite resource, and it costs an insane amount of money to provide backhaul to cell towers everywhere.

    Sick of capitalists? Great, use your cell phone in Cuba!