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15 responses to “Verizon HTC Touch Pro Update Tweaked, Released as MR1 v2.0 (Updated Again)”

  1. hi

    The current software upgrade model is dysfunctional. The process is unnecessarily slow. Time is money.

  2. Christopher Price

    It’s something we’ve been saying to Microsoft since we got started… in 2003.

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  4. Michael

    It appears that he download is no longer available.

  5. David Morton

    I downloaded MRI V2.0 last night with no problems. GPS works with Microsoft Live Search but couldn’t get it to work with Google Maps. Didn’t find any other problems.

  6. Sam

    The update MR1 V2.0 is back up…

  7. j

    i just re installed …works great…fixed the vz nav problem so far so good!

  8. Christopher Price

    Re-re-installation under MR1 v2.0 (or, I guess, 2.0.1) does fix the GPS issues that crop up after using the device for a day or two.

    Be sure to re-download VZ Navigator as well, as it was updated alongside this re-re-release. VZ Navigator now stands at

  9. CheezWiz

    The .nbh files are the same. Only the documentation is different. Same update that was posted before…

  10. Elijah

    There are still some bugs with this update….I installed today and now it will not automatically mark a new message as read when you reply to it. I must now manually touch the contact in front of the message to mark it as read. Very very annoying.

  11. JJ

    Christopher, that never happened on my diamond until last week. Last week it started to make me touch the contact to mark message as read. It started happening after I installed the latest gps hotfix. I’m thinking of uninstalling it to see if that fixes it. Oh, well I guess I can deal with it even though it is really annoying.

  12. Christopher Price

    It’s sporadic, but it appears the latest HTC Home versions trigger it more commonly… likely because they do not use a MS-clean way of marking the messages as read. It also appears on MS’s end, since this can also happen via the taskbar notification.

    Regardless, Windows Mobile 6.5 does take care of this, since it opens up the API for flowing messages much more than 6.1 and earlier.

  13. Eric Anderson

    I have Verizon HTC TouchPro and I’m hoping that there’s by now a workable upgrade for unlocking GPS. Google Maps does not work nor does a Marine GPS package I have which is otherwise wonderful and works on another device I have. Any update since June?

  14. brett

    Hey Just get the wm6.5 update done by mighty rom goto and dl Mighty Rom 6 but the only thing to get picture messageing to work you will also have to install this