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10 responses to “Verizon iPhone to Be Available on Month to Month Plans, Possibility of Prepaid”

  1. Kat

    I hope it is prepaid, I’m too poor to afford any other plans but prepaid

  2. Tom

    It depends on how much the prepaid plan costs. Some of them cost more than the AT&T $55/month iPhone plan. It includes 450 minutes of talk and 200 MB of data per month. More than enough for me.

  3. F1

    That explains why just last week VZW increased the full retail cost of it’s iPhone 4, by $50! However maybe, that will also make porting it to SPRINT easier, since it should thereby become “unlockable”. Thank You

  4. c

    The big question is can you buy one and activate it on Page plus? They have a $45 per month unlimited talk and text with 20mb of data. Generally you can activate a verizon ESN on page plus without issue.

  5. Christopher Price

    It will be interesting on the Page Plus front, I wouldn’t be surprised if VZW cracks down on MVNO BYOD right before the launch. Verizon has blocked certain devices from Page Plus in the past (BlackBerry, and devices causing network issues), they could argue that iPhone uses a different APN (or in CDMA’s case, proxy server), and that Apple is refusing MVNOs access.

    In reality though, it would have to be implemented as a block of the iPhone MEID range, so Verizon would have the final say.

  6. Crapple


    Their is no reason other then greed to add the $50 to Verizon’s iPhone. AT&T pushes out SIGNIFICANT updates every year and the price stays the same.

    Verizon is just getting greedy now that it has the iPhone and knows how much people hate AT&T.

  7. F1

    Agree 100 percent! VZW has waited a long time, to milk the iPhone “cashcow”, and yes greed is everywhere, and VZW has mastered it in the Cellular industry. Thank You

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  9. Tired of PPC

    Uh Mr. Price, methinks you made a mistake on the Verizon byod mvnos and Blackberries. That was a completely self contained Page Plus move that was done to deal with billing issues caused by Berries (and Palms).

    The REAL Verizon banned phone edict was Verizon yanking prepaid phones off of their byod mvnos (most of which are dead now).

    They got tired of everyone from Joe Average to dealers to Master Distributors for the mvnos taking their prepaid phone subsidies.

    The iphone ban on Page Plus has been confirmed as of Feb 10, 2011 on Howard Forums .

  10. Christopher Price

    Tired of PPC, we interviewed Page Plus executives on both blockades. See our past coverage. We know what we’re talking about, and we know what level Page Plus was involved in each of the prior ESN blocks. We led the mobile media on getting to the bottom of that story, as painful as it was to get to the bottom of…