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2 responses to “Verizon Launches Novatel 4G Mobile Hotspot”

  1. jim

    Damn. Just like the Samsung, no USB tethering or VZAM support. Feature list says USB port only intended for software updates. Strange. Very strange.

  2. F1

    Scary times, nothing works or it is simply cost prohibitive and it is only getting worse:

    1.On prepaid of VZW, it will play back your Voicemail messages in reverse cronological order, in other words, your minutes are getting deducted while you are waiting for the new messages turn!

    2. While on SPRINT(since 3G has been killed off), when roaming of VZW for data or calls, the network uses RTTx1, and not REV A or EVDO, speeds are limited to a max of 12kbs for download, and 2-5kbs for upload, at least it does not get disconnect every other minute as on SPRINT!

    3.I have had barely minimal internet/data coverage in the past two weeks, I was told by an honest SPRINT Supervisor that the 3G towers have been in effect manipulated to enhance the 4G experience in los Angeles area, thereby causing havic for some legacy accounts.
    99% of SPRINT accounts are 3G, the tower in this area alone is covering some 900.000 accounts! Since Friday last week I have had only “ONE” call coming in, six went to Voicemail, notifying me hours later, four of which were from SPRINT corp, trying to get back to me, after calls were dropped, so far I have spent 4 hours of my time calling them, everytime we are about to get to a point, it disconnects! lol

    How is charging people for 3G, and at best delivering 2G, not fraud FCC?

    Thank You